!Covid Response Help-File Conversion!

There’s something wrong with this model. I was able to open it (here’s a screenshot) but I think a much simpler model would suffice. @dhadinger can you help us understand what you’re trying to accomplish while we work on converting your model?

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That actually would work for me right now just fine. I need to add some things and switch out the middle. These are an actual product with slight modification. These are deployed out of a 40’High Cube modified shipping container with another one on top. There is one side for med/surg and one for residential where we have sleeping pods. I need to model those as well. I have some solar, wind etc to add to this, also mechanical units etc. This sleeps about 40 on one side in security and allows med on the other. We are addressing all the pressure, mechanicals etc.

I have to get some visual together, at the same time we are working through the engineering. We have some key vendors helping as we are getting our funding sources and also our gov/SAM response.

I think we aren’t going to be quickly successful opening this file for you- it has likely been mangled in translation from somewhere else. Do you have access to an original file in some other format? Even MeshLab is choking on this.

ok, MeshLab finally got it open. Did this come from Solidworks?

I have the STEP file that was the original. I’m not sure the original. I’m trying to export from Rhino now as well. It was able to load, seeing if it will save out. I have the original step if helpful, not sure if it was Solidworks or not

Actually, Rhino for the save!!! I imported the Step and saved out as a .skp. It seems top have worked. Thank you everyone for your help and this is a good future reference tool. I used the trial version of Rhino.

I might need some help on the way on an addition, but at least it was able to import. Thank you all!

OK, I got it converted. You’re not going to like working with it, though- one flat mesh with way too much detail in places. If you’re doing logistics planning, you are better off with a much simpler model.

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You’ve worked around your converting issue, but for interest, SketchUp doesn’t normally import FBX or OBJ. The Skimp extension can do those, it would be interesting to see how it got on with your FBX file.

Of the standard importers that are likely to be supported in other tools, 3DS would be worth trying.


So that sounds like success. If you share your .SKP model back, folks here can help you make a lighter-weight version. Just the stakes in your model, when I deleted them, represented close to 20mb of polygon mesh data. You’re not going to be able to work on this mesh very easily. Remodeling it from drawings might save you quite a lot of time?

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I will likely erase those for now. Even though my file pulled in, I need to get it to the right scale. I think it is a setting in Rhino. Going to try again. But yes, When I do, I can post up.

How big is the original STEP file? I’m struggling with this mesh. Might be able to remesh at lower resolution if I can get at the original MCAD file.