STEP to Sketchup Conversion

Thought this might be useful for a few folk around here:

I’ve had reason recently to get some STEP format CAD files into Sketchup. I tried the SimLab extension but before I got it to work satisfactorily the trial period ran out, and a licence isn’t inexpensive. So I was stuck, until I found this:

It’s an online CAD format conversion site. First file (if under 2MB) is free and then it’s €5 for 5 conversions. The process can output DAE (Collada) format that Sketchup can read. And it works, really well.


I too have just perceived a need to convert from STEP to Sketchup. My use? McMaster-Carr has a large quantity of hardware with CAD files available - none of which has a direct import into Sketchup! STEP is one of their available formats.

But your solution won’t work for me. I want to build a library of fasteners, and €1 per part is more than I’m willing to pay. For instance, I’d pay that much for a single library of ALL Self-Drilling, Self-Tapping Hex Head Sheet Metal Screws, but not €1 for each size variation!

I use FreeCAD to do the conversion from .step to .stl, then import the .stl into SketchUp. The nice part is it can be done from the command line. See stp2stl.cmd and here[1] You need both scripts but you do not need to install Python.

[1] GitHub - jimfoltz/scripts: utilities for Windows cmd.exe

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