Clicking an entity causes a painfully long freeze

Hi. I’m using SketchUp Make 2017 and have just about had it with the clicking. I’ve been dealing with it for months now but now I have literally lost my patience. The issue, is that whenever I left-click an entity, it freezes for 5-10 seconds. This happens no matter how small the model is, and has been doing this ever since I got SketchUp Make 2017. When I try to click multiple objects, by holding ctrl while I click, say, 5 entities, this freeze stacks. So that means roughly 2 minutes of freeze time. This is very annoying as I now click every entity using right click and then I left click the top of the window so that I don’t have to wait so long. Right clicking entities has no freeze, which is strange. But clicking multiple objects is still a significant problem. I switched to SketchUp Make 2017 after my model became so large that SketchUp Web Free kept crashing and rotation, panning, and zoom were extremely lagged. On SketchUp Make 2017, the lag for rotation, panning, and zoom is minor for even a 238 MB model. But, the clicking is the new issue in SketchUp Make 2017. Is there any way that I can fix this? I’d assume that this is some sort of error in the scripts of SketchUp Make 2017 where at some line of code, someone may have accidentally put “if (clickWait == 5.0f)” (which is like waiting 5 seconds, assuming that clickWait is set as “float clickWait = Time.deltaTime;”) and so this clicking thing happens. I assume this because the clicking freeze is so unexplained that lag couldn’t possibly be the issue, especially when I’m merely clicking a line in a model where that line is the only entity in the model! Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Have you installed any plugins? If this happens even with small models it might be caused by a malfunctioning extension. With a 238 MB model lags are almost to be expected - it probably has millions of edges and faces, and for every select tool click there is quite a lot of work involved in finding what you clicked on.

There were a great number of reports a few years ago on this forum of this long hesitation on left clicking in Windows 10.

I don’t remember if it was ever fully solved, but there were certainly a number of solutions that worked for some people. See for example:

I didn’t follow it closely, since I was by then using a Mac, but you might find some useful suggestions in that thread, or search the forum for ‘select tool delay’ or ‘left click delay’.

It’s unlikely in the extreme that if it is a bug in Make 2017, rather than in Windows or display drivers, it will ever get fixed - Make has received no updates for years, and won’t in future either.