Freezing with select tool

Hi everyone

I have a highend Thinkpad T460 running Windows 10, with Intel HD Graphic 520 and an i7.

I use Sektchup Make to create my personal 3d printed projects.

However a month ago, every time I use the select tool, the program freezes for 4-5 seconds making the program completely unusable. I have noticed I can select if I right click, just not left click.

I have tried reinstalling Sketchup, uninstalled all windows updates, rolled back graphics drivers, updated graphics drivers, all to no avail.

Anyone else have the same problem?

There’s a long thread on this topic. Scroll down a bit to find it.

Saw that, tried everything in it, I guess it’s a waiting game for Trimble/ Microsoft?

Ridiculous it has been months. Good thing my work computer doesn’t have problems with Pro.

Yes. It’s unfortunate that Microsoft puts out updates that occasionally wreak havoc with programs users need to use on their computers.

(1) This problem first happened to me long ago and in the update history I did not have the supposed culprit available for removal, luckily updating my graphic drivers solved the problem. (2) Then not too long ago my windows updated and I noticed the issue was back, removing the update (can’t remember if KB4040724 or KB4038788 ) fixed the issue and I also set it so it wouldn’t update for a while. (3) Today I launched sketchup and I notice the issue back once again, sadly this time my drivers are already on their latest version and there’s been no new windows updates installed on my system.

Also tried changing the graphical options from performance, custom, etc to no avail.

For now I’m trying to get used to right click and select but it’s kind of annoying, any new suggestions would be appreciated.

i7 hd 4000 / Sketchup make 17.2.2555 64bits.

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there’s a v17.3x update for Mac - is there a corresponding one for Windows, and does it make any difference?

No, John. The issues that have been causing the problem reported here have been covered ad nauseum and are caused by bad Windows updates and/or some video driver updates. Even if it was possible to write code updates for SketchUp to compensate for these problems, it would be an effort in futility. It’s a moving target. There’d be no way to keep up with Microsoft’s frequent updates. Changes to SketchUp would require testing to make sure they don’t break things. I expect even if the SketchUp team could keep up with Microsoft and all the different GPU driver updates, users would be griping about having to download and install a new update to SketchUp every few days.

Sorry, Dave - I have been following the thread from time to time, and should have realised what you said.

There doesn’t seem to be a new version available for windows but Like Dave said, I’m not really expecting this to be fixed on Sketchup side, I’m rather posting in hopes that someone has a workaround. I’ll keep trying a few things and if anything works I’ll be commenting here.

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Unfortunately the Intel HD graphics drivers seem to be one of the primary offenders. It’s unfortunate that so many popular notebook PCs come with them.

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New update Since I couldn’t fix the issue anyway I decided to let windows go ahead and update. It installed updates KB4041676 and KB4049179, after restarting Sketchup is working normally again.

That’s cool.

Read this article.

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