SketchUp Freezes when using Select Tool/ Mouse Pointer

This is a new issue. I haven’t used SketchUp for a couple of months. Loaded up 2016, made a square, used push pull and switched back to the select tool. Then I tried to select the object by dragging the rectangle around the newly create object except SketchUp Freezes. It never goes to not responding and takes a few seconds before coming back but i can never select the component.

I updated to SkecthUp 2017 Make but the same issue existed there. I searched the forums and found mention of a MS Security patch causing a similar issue but this patch is not installed on my machine. I found others bits of random info regarding to use the keyboard shortcut to create component. This works but I still cannot create objects. Even if i try to triple click, it freezes.

Please Help and many thanks in advance!

Hi, did you get a response from anyone on this issue. I am having the same problem. I have uninstalled twice and re-installed but still no joy.
Thanks in advance…

There is an on going problem with Micro soft updates affecting the operation of Sketchup 2017 . I have found that MS update KB4019472 will cause a problem with my internal Intel HD graphics card that causes Sketchup to run really slow and make it virtually impossible to use. Some people have said that they do not have this patch and still get the problem but due to different versions of windows 10 installations I think the problem maybe coming from a different MS update. I would suggest you try uninstalling patches as far back as Jan 2017 and see if sketchup starts to work okay. This is a somewhat laborious method but may show up results. Remember though that you need to restart your computer after removing the patch or patches and also it is a good idea to stop the WUAUSERV service else windows will try and reinstall the removed patches again.

Hi Flyingstoo and Gordo44,

I never did received or find a solution here. While i appreciate Flyingstoo suggestion this is not something I would suggest. Windows Security patches fix all sorts of vulnerabilities like EternalBlue that WannaCry ransomware exploited. So while you may fix your issue, you may also highly compromised the security of your system. I just wish google would come out with a patch or update about how to address without removing patches…

Why do you want Google to come out with a patch? They don’t have anything to do with the problems created by Microsoft with their bad security updates and graphics drivers. The issue is affecting more than SketchUp (which Google also has nothing to do with.)

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Plus, a vast majority of WannaCry machines (> 95%) were Win7 or older (XP). As I do with Mac, I’d look at each update and actually see what’s in them before reverting if that’ll make you feel better, rather than simply letting your machine be broken for the false sense of security.

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