SketchUp freezes upon selection

I cannot “Select” an item to push/pull, copy/move etc. When I try SU locks up, freezes, goes into suspended animation. I have been using SU for years and this just began in the last ten days or so. reloaded my Mouse driver to no avail.

What is the graphics card? Are the drivers up to to date? What version of SketchUp? What is your operating system?

Your profile gives mostly useless information.

It might be you are running into the same thing others have run into with graphics drivers needing to be updated or some certain problematic Windows updates needing to be removed.



I uninstalled SketchUp then reinstalled it. Problem fixed. Thanks.

Here what I did to fix the issue:

Go to “Windows” -> “Preference” -> OpenGL and open the OpenGL dialog box. Desellect the “Use hardware Accelleration”. Then restart Sketchup. It seems like Windows updates screwed up the display driver even if you have the latest. Hope it works for you

Rolling back video card driver fixed the problem. Should also prevent window from auto updating my video card driver.

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