2017 Sketchup Selection tool not working correctly , big slow down on Sketchup operations

Hi to all kind members, I’m new to sketchup, (2 months) and could use some help if it is available. I have had very good success with 2017 free version of sketchup.

About 2 weeks ago problems started popping up, some slowing down of some of the simple things, like the Selection tool will not show up after startup and some freezing requiring restarting the program. Once I blindly draw a selection (from either the left or right) and not getting a bounding box or dotted box around the selected shape or drawing , a small outlined box will appear somewhere near the selected drawing or shape after a 25-30 second delay. It is an abnormal tiny box and will not function to select anything. The delay from selection to the box appearing can take up to about 25 seconds or longer and can sometimes cause SK to freeze

I thought maybe I had a corrupted downloaded file but no, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program 4 times with the same results. The changes that i am aware of relating to this problem are that Microsoft windows did 3 updates this month to my Aspire V5 laptop. I’m thinking that maybe the automatic updates may have had something to do with my problems. The slowness of the program may be related to not enough memory and my Aspire Video card may need an upgrade. Everything worked fine up to a couple of weeks ago, the computer worked well with the older version of 2017, My machine is a 64 k (1024 memory) computer, but i think earlier it was running on a 32k program. Now i’m not sure what to do, I’m not sure that the Pro version would solve my problems and I really can’t justify the expense for hobby use. I design my own RC airplanes and have found sketchup to be an asset for my 76 year old slow brain. All my designs are relatively small files, with simple drawings of small parts to be 3D printed.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem with the Selection tool?
Thank You for reading this,
John B

There have been numerous reports of this sort of thing.The common cause has to do with automatic Windows updates and bad graphics drivers that get loaded during the updates. Your profile seems to indicate your computer has an Nvidia graphics card but it likely has an integrate Intel graphics adapter, too. Windows updates will usually set the Intel graphics to the default and correcting that back to the Nvidia card may solve the problem. You’ll need to get into the Nvidia control panel to do that.

You should also check into the driver versions installed on your computer and update them from the manufacturer’s site.

Be aware if it turns out that this is due to a Windows update, it’s entirely possible the same thing will happen again when Windows pushes another update.

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