Sketchup freezes after selecting an object


I’m using windows 10, version 1709. I installed Sketchup on the computer when is was bought a few months ago without any problems. Then recently a windows update was performed, the computer restarted and the operation is complete. Now Sketchup is having problems.

Specific details:

Models open as normal but when selecting either parts or grouped components it takes around 20 seconds for the program to select them (turning blue to show secretion) before I can scale, rotate or whatever.

DO you need to re-install the sketchup program or is there an update/patch/fix I can use?




You don’t need to reinstall SketchUp to fix this problem. Instead, try rolling back the last Windows Update. If that doesn’t work, reinstall the graphics card driver. Lastly, make sure that SketchUp is using the faster/dedicated graphics card if your system is equipped with two graphics cards.

Mark Chandler


Thanks for the information. I think i’ll try the last option but how do i
point Sketchup to the faster card please?


Which graphics cards does your system have?

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