Make 17 startup

When i open a file or create a new one the select key freezes for a while.Therefore to have repetive clicks ie three clicks to make a group.I have updated my graphics card but the problem still exists.

I have a similar problem. When i look arround if i am in a specific angle it freezes and point the view below the object and pointing at nothing. I think i am not the only one

Does it happen only after startup or is it always happening? If it’s only after startup, it’s completely normal – SketchUp needs to load properly, which takes some time.

However if your problem is permanent (every time you use the Select tool, it freezes), it’s probably caused by a Windows update called KB4013429. Try to uninstall it (tutorial here), reboot and see if it worked. It’s a big file though, it took me approximately 3 hours to uninstall.

Also if uninstalling the update worked, you may like to block it from being installed again using this utility (at the bottom of the page, it’s called “Show or hide updates”).

The problem @joanmaria.alemania reported turned out to be entirely different and unrelated to your issue. It was resolved in another thread Their problem was that they had some stray entities and a very great distance from the origin and the rest of the model. Copying the parts they needed to keep and pasting them into a new model solved their problem.

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