SketchUp Make Slow on Window 10 (Work Around solution)

After upgrading to Windows 10, any mouse click on the Sketchup Make drawing screen caused a 15 to 30 second delay. Clicking on menus and Trays acted normal with no delay.

Windows 10 dropped support for Intel HD Graphics 3000 and 2000.

Since the graphics card is built into my computer, the solution is to buy a new computer.

Although my graphic card is not supported, I found that about 50% of the time Sketchup it will sync correctly when opened. Once in sync it continues to work correctly as long as the program is left open. New files can be opened and saved without losing sync. Not the greatest solution but allows work to get done and relieves a lot of frustration until I get a new computer. I’ve been using it like this for a month.

If your experiencing delays and have the Intel HD Graphics 3000 or 2000 graphic card, it’s easy to test to see if it will solve your problem. When I started this I didn’t know you could run multiple instances of Sketchup at the same time. Just open 10 instances. Check each one for the delay. I found about 50% of the instances worked fine.

Hope this helps someone.

Well they should have dropped support. Those came out with 2nd gen Core series cpus back in Jan 2011. You need a newer laptop :wink:


Sorry for the post. Thought it might help someone.

It’s all good! :wink:

There have in the past been some issues where a left-click would cause things to hang for a while, but a right-click was instant. If you still have the machine you could try that, just to make sure it wasn’t an existing issue that had a fix.