Select Tool Lag Has Returned

I have Windows 10, use desktop Sketchup 2017, and my graphics card is an Intel(R) HD 4000. I normally have no problems using SU on my laptop.

After suffering through the annoying 6-second left click lag for several months a while back, the problem eventually just disappeared on its own and I haven’t had to deal with it for over a year. I’d actually forgotten about it.

But wouldn’t you know, it returned all of a sudden (with the exception of a single random instance last night, weird) and I don’t know what to do to fix it. I did some reading through previous threads to try and find a solution, but I’m hitting a brick wall. The option to roll back the automatic graphics driver update on my computer is greyed out and can’t be clicked. Has anyone else re-encountered this supremely annoying bug lately?

Well, clearly something changed on your computer since SketchUp 2017 hasn’t changed in nearly three years. Graphics drivers are the most likely suspect and were probably broken in a recent Windows update. Since you can’t roll back, you might try going to the Intel site and getting the current drivers from them to install.

Are you running on battery or mains power?

The battery on this laptop is really wonky, so it’s plugged into the wall.

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