CFile Exception 0

Can someone tell me what the fix is to eliminate the CFile Exception 0 error message every time you save? I read somewhere it was because of Drop Box - I uninstalled it completely - also reran Run As administrator (but pretty sure that I did this when I loaded SU Pro 2018) - neither worked for me. Thank you in advance. Barb

Where are you saving your SketchUp files? The most frequent cure for this error is to save directly on your local hard disk, not to a network drive, USB stick, or cloud-shared destination such as DropBox.

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Am saving to C drive in folder - even tried now saving to a documents folder and same thing. I deleted dropBox thinking that was causing the issue but didn’t resolve.

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This seems like a known windows issue. I was able to apparently fix it for one user this morning by moving the Save File location to the D: drive… It didn’t have the same permissions lock that the C:/Users/Documents folder did. There was a lengthy discussion on this topic with a variety of outcomes here on this forum: How To - CNET

@TheGuz this error message has confused and frustrated me for a long time. Looking at the MS documentation, CFileException 0 is supposed to mean no error occurred. So how is it that SketchUp is detecting a failure when the exception code says there was no error? It seems to me that since SketchUp is obviously trapping some sort of issue, it ought to be possible to provide a more meaningful error message?

It’s true that CFileException 0 is supposed to mean “No error occurred”. It seems like a CFileException 5 or 12 would be more appropriate since we were seeing that SketchUp would not save the current file over the existing file called Test.skp. It instead created a new file called Test-0.skp and that saved without being corrupted. None of this occurred after we changed the path.

You may have missed my point.

SketchUp knows what operation it was trying to accomplish when it detected an issue. It ought to report something like “failed while attempting to create backup file”, or “creating alternate file Test-0.skp because original file is locked”, not just an overly technical CFileException value that is meaningless to most users. Code 5 or 12 might be more technically correct in a specific case, but is still unfriendly to non-nerd users. And code 0 is useless to everyone, including the SketchUp development team!


i.e. verbose error messages * :kissing_smiling_eyes:

… shouldn’t be a big thing.

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I have had the same errors in other applications, for instance Autocad. One cause has been that the Preview pane has been open in Windows Explorer. And yes, it happens more often with network drives.

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If the actual error code is 5 or 12 I’m all for exposing it in the error dialog. Even if it doesn’t mean anything in itself it can be looked up on internet what those codes mean. However, phrasing a message in English is even better. Or why not both have an English phrase and show the underlying error code within parenthesis.

Just found this thread.
‘CFileException0’ message started for me after I installed the Solar North plugin into SU2021 on Windows 10. I’ve seen other threads on this too. Is it something I need to really worry about? Is it dangerous?

what type of drive is your "E:" drive, SSD/HDD, USB stick, CD/DVD, network share, cloud drive and maybe ‘read-only’?

USB Stick.
I’ve taken these files over to my local drive.

I just got this error when a model tried to autosave while I was away from the computer. As I suspected I found that a Windows Update was waiting to be installed. I have seen this happen many times where different programs will throw errors / behave oddly because Windows Update was locking up files without asking anyone… In this case usually restarting Windows will solve the issue.