CFileException 0 in

“CFileException 0 in …” error when saving in SketchUp Pro 2023 just started happening today.

Not saving to Dropbox or other syncing drive, just to the same network drive we always save to.

No change to AntiVirus.

Had to save as another filename. Please advise.

a quick google search tells me it’s an issue of multiple drives ?

It is because you are saving to a different drive location and the autobackup of the file is causing the error.

Use File > Save a Copy As…

If the original file is saved in C: drive and then you save the same file in E: the link to the .skb is broken. Or something close to that.

You get the same error message when you try to save to DropBox/Google Drive etc but that is due to the .skb not syncing due to the latency in saving to the cloud.

Repairing the install as an admin / installing as an admin / running as an admin seems to help.

Don’t know much more, maybe someone with more knowledge will come by.

It’s usually because the antivirus has locked the file as SketchUp is trying to autosave.