CFileException 0 After Upgrading to SketchUp Pro 2022

So everything was working fine until I finally downloaded Pro 2022. After installing 2022, I started getting this CFileException 0 error. I have read all the previous posts about this and I am not saving to some network but to my C drive. I do not have any cloud saving software. It started after installing 2022. It did not happen with 2021. Does SketchUp actually read the forums? I have left several posts with no response from them.

If it’s not storage related, I’d turn my attention towards an antivirus package

Or the fact that as I type this it’s not even 7:30 am in Colorado.

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I have plenty and as I stated this happened directly after installing 2022 and has nothing to do with file space. I think it would be nice if only people who have dealt with problems before, respond to current problems instead of having to answer a bunch of questions from people who have not dealt with it. Forums can be efficient if we make them so :slight_smile:

I’ve dealt with the problem before. It’s nothing new in SketchUp 2022 but as indicated in the post @dezmo linked to, it’s an issue with something not allowing SketchUp to take control of the file. I know what does it on my computer. It’s not a SketchUp problem. The application that is to blame is no longer supported by the author so I just work around it. Not a big deal.

You’ve made it clear in the past that you don’t want my assistance so I’ll just wish you good luck.

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You should have stated from the first that only an absolutely right solution to your question would qualify as a legitimate post, so @Elmtec-Adam , @RLGL , @dezmo and @DaveR wouldn’t have had to bother.


Is not the purpose of forums to get solutions from people who have dealt with the problem? Or is it just to sit around and chat online?

Without you listing every single program, driver and customisation made to your OS and a full list of all running services, the reality is that we can only give you very generalised answers.

If you are using a paid version of SketchUp you have access to pro support, why not reach out directly?

Support - Technical Support | SketchUp Help

Now you’ve already stated that you don’t have any cloud sync systems (onedrive, dropbox, google sync ) running or network drive services.

That leaves 2 other likely causes, 3rd party antivirus software which is locking or using your file in some way. (AVG and BitDefender are ones that often cause havoc in my day to day troubleshooting)

The other possibility that your user profile for windows or Sketchup installation has permissions problems.

It may be that your issue could be better dealt with by an IT expert with access to your machine - but there are people here trying to guide you in the right direction so you can find the solution to your issue by yourself.

Unfortunately this is the nature of computers like PCs and Mac and their literal infinite combinations of hardware, software and configurations - it amazes me they work at all to be honest :joy: I hate them as much as I love them.

We get to see statistics for the forum, and only DaveR posts more than me. But, these days I try to only be the first person to answer a question if it clearly needs direct help from SketchUp. I do know the answers to a lot of the “how to” questions, but I know that Dave and others are about to answer those, and I join in later if there is some aspect of the question that may not have been covered.

Even if it wasn’t 5:30am for me, I would have left this question for others to have a go first. I then could look up the bugsplats you have sent in, and see if there is a clue in one of those.

It would be useful to know if the crashes happen with particular files, and if we could try a file if it was. Also whether you even get bugsplats, and if you do, make sure to add your name or email to the report so that I can then find your ones.


I am going to try setting exceptions in the antivirus first then report back. But all of this was in place before and all I did was update to Pro 2022 from 2021. Nothing else changed.

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So I changed virus software and set exceptions and reinstalled 2022 pro but every now and then I will get this error and have never in my 16 years on SketchUp gotten it before so I believe this is a glitch in 2022. Ikr, no way it could be a glitch in the software, lol

Hello, CFileException 0 error occurs when the active model file is locked by another software. If you have any SketchUp plugins enabled, try to disable them all then restart SketchUp…

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You are absolutely correct. It’s running a certain extension that induces it for me. It is totally reproducible but only happens if I actually run the extension so having it loaded isn’t a problem. This isn’t new in SketchUp 2022. It’s happened for upwards of 10 years with the same extension.

I have had the same plugins for years and have never had this problem till 2022 pro. What extension/s are you referring to anyway?