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We have a small office with a new Windows Server 2012R2 file server. Previously, the office was using Sketchup files in Dropbox stored locally and never an error.

Now, with the files being hosted on the file server, they are seeing the dreaded CFileException 0 error message when Auto-Save kicks in. We’re at a loss. According to the C++ library documentation that Sketchup is using, CFileException 0 translates to “Nothing is wrong”.

We’re confused as to how to troubleshoot this issue. There are no logs indicating useful errors we can see and the server is running perfectly with no errors and the audit logs are clean. We do not have this problem at any of other clients running Sketchup Pro to folders stored on a File Server.

Capture Sketchup Error

How do we troubleshoot this?


"CFileException 0" when saving file

Maybe time-out issue, SketchUp is ‘itchy’ regarding servers, and with larger getting files… The best workflow is to download the needed file locally on user’s workstation( eg. Desktop ->Temp) and set file preferences to that (local) folder. When done, save to server.



Thanks, Mike. I appreciate the suggestion. I’ve seen that suggested in a few other threads. It’s unfortunately an unacceptable workflow to the users. I’m focused on finding a way to troubleshoot and resolve around the proposed workflow. If we need to beef up something on the file server or change a configuration, that’s fine and we can do that. As I mentioned, I don’t have any issues with this workflow anywhere else - including offices with many, many more users connecting to a file server and working on sometimes 30+ models at the same time from the same file server.



Yeah, it should be something on Trimble’s desk. Speak of it :slight_smile: :
There is Trimble connect

or you could ask @Yorg about his plugins and compatibility with servers.



Thanks, Mike. I understand there are other solutions and those may work well. Just to clarify, I have dozens of sites where Sketchup files stored on Windows file server works perfectly and we’ve never seen this error. Our goal again is to troubleshoot and eliminate the issue causing the error.


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