Can we disable the Plugin Update notifications?

Maybe there is some way to stop the plugin in update notification from coming up on launch? If nothing else a plugin that blocks it? Maybe there is an OS setting (Mac)?


There isn’t currently a setting for that. I suppose you could disconnect from the internet while starting up unless you have a subscription license. What extension is alerting you that it needs updating? Why not just update it so the message stops popping up?

I don’t want to update plugins until I need to. Never was a problem before. Vertex tools is one and I tried to update it several times and it didn’t help. I don’t want to have to log onto Trimble site. It’s just an annoyance.


I have had the same issue off and on. It is normally one of TomTom’s extensions or Trimble Connect or Camera Tools.
My Sketchucation Plug-in Manager will show I am up to date. But SketchUp dialogs box opens on start saying I have to update an extension(s).

After I update it in the Extension Manager in SketchUp, I get a prompt message saying update succeeded, only to be followed by one saying one extension failed to update. You wind up chasing your tail and it is very annoying.

It eventually stops but it is still a royal you know what. I don’t share you thoughts on NOT updating extensions. But my thing is I don’t trust what it is telling me. Like the boy who cried wolf …

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The Sketchucation Plugin Manager only looks at extensions the you downloaded from Sketchucation using the SCF Extension Store tool. It does not look at extensions from the Extension Warehouse.

If the update fails, log out of the Extension Warehouse and then log back in.

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The issue occurs for me with updating from SketchUp`s Extension Manager, NOT by updating from the SketchUps Extension Warehouse.

While in SketchUp not SketchUcation, I click the update button and one message says it updated, then a second later is sends a message saying it failed.

I use SketchUcation’s Manager to double check if there is an update for it there. … if it happens again I`ll do a video capture.
This is were I update from in SketchUp …

Yes. But if you have problems with failed updates, sign out of the Extension Warehouse and back in through the Extension Warehouse window, not Extension Manager.

Again, the Sketchucation Extension Store tool only identifies extensions that have updates if they came from Sketchucationa and were installed by using the Extension Store tool. This shows there’s an extension from Sketchucation that has an update available.

Clicking on the red button brings up this:

And this after the update is complete.

I just did that yesterday, updated Cloth Works from that same location you are showing. Cloth Works shows up in both managers for me…

When I open a fresh file my icon in the lower left corner is black, and shows I am logged in. I am in 2018 Pro and once SketchUp finishes loading.
Just above the VBC on the lower right side I get a message saying a update is available do you want to update it now.
When you click UPDATE it direct me to the Extension Manager, the screen shot I showed. You keep mentioning the Extension Warehouse. I know you can update from there. This is not with the Extension Warehouse…it is not a life or death thing just annoying
it will be easier to see it then explain it. I`ll get it on film!! and thanks for your time as always!!

Yes. Clothworks will show in both but the Extension Manager won’t show that it’s out of date while the Sketchucation Extension Store will.

The Extension Manager is referencing the Extension Warehouse and only showing you extensions you have installed. I’m telling you that if you get a message in the Extension Manager that an update failed go to the Extension Warehouse window and sign out by clicking on your name in the upper right corner. Then sign back in. You should then be able to update the extension(s) in the Extension Manager.

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got`cha …my Dad had the same problem, but would just yell instead of saying it 3 times!!


I just blew coffee on my keyboard!


Every single time I start sketchup the extension update window pops up telling me I have extensions I need to update. But every time I try to update, every single one fails.

This ONLY happens with the official sketchup extensions: advanced camera, sandbox and one other.

What am I doing wrong?

As said above and in many other threads, sign out and back in again.
If that doesn’t work Open Extension Warehouse from from within Sketchup and try there, including sign out and in.
Or go to the Extension Warehouse in a Browser, sign out and in and download or install from there.

Basically, signing out and back in resets the system so it knows what is going on. Sometimes it takes different attempts to kick it into gear. Once done it should work correctly until next time the sign in gets somehow glitched.


That worked, thanks.
Interestingly, after signing out/in, the SketchUp extensions no longer indicate they need updating.

I have the same annoying problem with Trimble plugins. Started with the new extension manager (2017 Pro Mac version, I think). Persists to this day with 2019.2. There clearly is a deficient resource pool at Trimble to keep Sketchup Pro growing with time. Extensions management has been poor forever, and EM hasnt dome anything to improve that.

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It is important that you use the right Trimble ID (or Google-account or ‘all for SketchUp’) if you sign in.
Before version 2019, you could be logged in in the 3D Warehouse with one and in the Extension warehouse with another. If you have used different accounts to ‘get the extension’ you might have to log in with another account.

See this thread:

Post withdrawn.

I recently posted a ‘new’ question in the community regarding this issue. We have 50+ Enscape users. The popup tells them to update (Enscape, et al), installs a 2nd version of Enscape in the programs list in Control Panel, effectively disappearing Enscape from the ‘Extensions’ menu in SU Pro 2019.

Disabling the update notification is essential to mitigating administrative nightmares like this one!

Any more suggestions?

This Plugin Update notification makes me crazy, it’s so annoying! Is there any way to disable it?

Yes. Update the extensions and be done with it.