Can we disable the Plugin Update notifications?

Here’s my problem with it. I would love to update the extensions but I regularly get errors and problems with “Failed to update [PluginName]. Unable to complete download.” Oh well, what ever.

My problem is with the info box that populates as a reminder. Periodically, as plugins load, there may be a conflict and the stupid “XYZ extension is out of date, you should update it” notification pops up… BEHIND THE SKETCHUP WINDOW SO YOU CANT CLICK IT!

This completely locks up SketchUp.

Its absolutely infuriating. I have to then turn off my internet, disable any web-connected extensions. Plug my internet back in start-up SketchUp, then turn everything back on and that usually solves the popup populating behind the SketchUp window. But I mean good god what a pain it is to deal with. Why isn’t it just a proper windows dialogue box? at least then, I have some control over fixing the issue without all the hoops.

Im not sure I follow @Box