Extensions won't update from Extension Manager

Although the Extension Manager indicates I have extensions needing updates, they indicate, after a brief interlude and a info box that indicates each has been updated - they have not and the Extension Manager lists indicates; “Failed to update Particular_Extension. Unable to complete download.”


Sign out of the Extension Warehouse and sign back in. then try again.

Exactly which extensions need to be updated?

Tried that - no joy. Also tried clearing every cache I could find, restarting at any given point. Tried contacting websites of the authors to try and download from that point - no joy.


Eneroth Slicer

Eneroth Visual Merge

Eneroth Swift Layer Visibility Control

I’m running SketchUp Pro 2018, macOS 10.13.6, MacBk Pro 2.5GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3


I find the Extension manager occasionally fails to update a plugin and even sign out and in doesn’t help.
When this happens I go to the Extension Warehouse within sketchup and update them directly there. On windows it’s Window/Extension Warehouse on Mac I imagine it’s a similar place.

I am within SketchUp (Pro) these are paid extensions and don’t appear in the usual places.

Where are the Entwives?

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I have no idea what Entwives are?

As to your list of plugins, I have no trouble accessing all of them from the Extension Warehouse window within sketchup.

aka Entwickler, meaning “developers”.