Can't update extensions

I’m using SU 2018. When I start up it tell me that several extensions need to be updated. However, when I tell Extension Manager to update, I get this message

How can I update the extensions?

In the case of dynamic components, I find that there is a problem and dynamic components don’t work.

Thanks for any help.

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Some of those issues can be solved by signing out, and in again, to the extension warehouse.

I tried closing extension manager and then starting it again. The problem remained the same.
Is that what you meant by signing out and in again?
Is there a way to update without using the extension manager window?

No. Click on your name in the upper right corner and sign out. Click there again to sign in.

Yes. Sort of. Go to the Extension Warehouse via your browser, download the extension, then open the Extension Manager and click on Install Extension at the bottom left. navigate to the downloaded extension, click Open…

Thanks. Signing out and signing in worked. !