The 'My Extensions' link is down

When attempting to access the My Extensions link from within SU it attempts to load but eventually goes to a blank white page.
Other links work, My Account, Developer center are accessible and the home page and general warehouse appear fine .
I can access My Extensions via a web browser without issue.
I have cleared the IE cache and Signed out and back in.

Is this not happening to anyone else?!
Seems very odd that it is the only part of the Extension Warehouse that I can’t get to.

Just checked. I’m seeing this, too.

Same error here. I have install Sketchup 2018 today and I’m trying to set up my extensions but the Extentions Warehouse popup goes into grey to eventually goes into black and white. I have signed out and in as well as removed the login_session.dat file.

Other links as Box said works perfectly. Thanks

Glad to know it’s not just me.
But not glad to know that it is in fact a problem.
Any ideas @Barry

It doesn’t seem to be limited to SU2018. It’s happening in SU2017 for me as well.

Something be broken. Too many people updating plugins.

Maybe that’s it.



Yes, it is load-related, both on user side and extensions being updated for 2018. We’ll see what we can do…


OK, we’ve made some tweeks, and while it may be slow, on multiple machines that I was previously timing out on, it’s now slowly working. Please post here for feedback, and we’ll continue to monitor the situation.

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Barry, it does load the page now. Hard to tell anything was happening because “Loading…” was hidden in a topo map icon in the center of the window.

Once it loaded, extensions were downloaded and installed quite rapidly. I did get a message that one extension couldn’t be installed but the message doesn’t identify which one.

suggested extensions :

Thanks @Barry that’s working again albeit very slowly.
But I too see what Mike does above when clicking the Suggested Extensions tab.

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