502 Bad Gateway error message Extension Warehouse Mac M1 SUP 2021

I am getting the above error message when trying to open the Extension Warehouse on my MacBook Pro 13 with apple silicon. I have no way to open any extensions that I can see. No dropdown menu etc.

Thanks for any help.

The Extension Warehouse was supposed to be down for some scheduled maintenance today.

It was announced here:

Thanks Dave! Any Idea why I can’t access any of my extensions from my previous version of SUP?

What do you mean? Are you referring to accessing extensions you installed in an earlier version of SketchUp? You should be able to use them if you open that version.

Each major version of SketchUp installs as a separate application. Once you’ve installed the new SketchUp version you need to install the extensions. Best procedure is to install them fresh from their sources so you make sure you have the current version since many extensions need to be updated when a new SU version is released.

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#NativeToolSaturday :nerd_face:

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LOL! Yeah. I bet that would actually do a lot of people some good.

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