Extension Warehouse down

http error # 503/504


@ChrisFullmer, @Paul, @Bryceosaurus, @Barry, @swishstar - Ping!

Under investigation. High site loads have slowed things way down and slowly
catching up now. EW is now in maintenance mode till load down to normal. A
move to a new server is days away.


Yup, warnings went off right as I went to bed, about 9:45 PM, but it really started struggling about 7 AM Eastern. :frowning: We’re actively working on it.

Seems be up and running again now. :slight_smile:

Oops, yea, forget to update. It’s been up for a while now. I thought @AlexB would update #throwAlexUnderTheBus :smile:

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haha But I thought you would!? lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You guys… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Today, 07/20/20105, the Extension Warehouse is down again. This is the message after Login.

I just checked and had no difficulty getting into the Warehouse. Must be fixed already.

Something’s odd. I uploaded a new model more than an hour ago, but it has yet to appear.

@DaveR, i discovered that happens only in Firefox. I tested in Internet Explorer and all went well.

has surely nothing to do with the used browser but with a tempory outage of the server.

my extension warehouse problem in sing in
help me

Signing in from within SketchUp hasn’t really worked the last couple of years. Try the sign in button in the bottom left of the SketchUp window, try again when receiving an error message, try opening extension warehouse once the button shows that you are signed in, and then try the sign in button inside of the extension warehouse browser.