SketchUp Status Page Suggestion

Continuing the discussion from Cannot connect to Trimble folder:

I’ve recall being told, somewhere in this forum, that the 3D Warehouse and the Extension Warehouse use the same servers.

I wish this status page made that clear - possibly even listing the Extension Warehouse servers separately - using the data from the 3D Warehouse Servers!

Aside on the category I’m using: For some reason, Discourse isn’t letting me assign this to the simple “SketchUp” category, or a suggestion subcategory as I compose this! So I would appreciate it if someone who sees this - who has the authority to change the topic of someone else’s thread - move this to a more appropriate topic!

Edit: Never mind the category change request above! While I couldn’t access this category while I initially composed this thread, I WAS able to change it AFTER I initially posted it!

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The two warehouses now use the same code, I don’t know if they use the same server. I wonder if the status page was being developed before EW2 existed? @psaal may know.

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