Extension Manager won't update

I have SketchUp Make 2017. I was given a notification that updates were available my version of SketchUP. I opened the Extension Manager and clicked on Sandbox Tools and then on the Install Extension button which opens a window that asks me to input a File name: on my computer. What am I doing wrong?

Updates are done in the Manage tab, not the Home tab. Also, there can sometimes be false alerts about updates. Signing out and back into your account can fix that.

You can uptade plugins from window-extension warehouse button… Everyone has the problem you had… Some plugins works on pro version only, you have to uninstall them…

Thanks. I’m a newbe and when I opened SketchUp I had a notification that updates were available, I clicked on them resulting to my plea to the community.
I went to the extension warehouse, entered the extensions listed and after a couple of warnings it said they were installed.

Thanks again.

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