Be a part of the Ultimaker “Model Garden” at 3D Basecamp!


I like this! It’s fun to make plans for what others should do for our enjoyment… Let’s do Chris Fullmer, next! :wink:


Never done a 2d gif.


Lets have him made a checkered shirt. Whenever i think of him I think of checkered shirts. Could be because of his scale figure.


Pretty sure that is a staple of his wardrobe…


But can he model a monochrome checkered shirt for 3D printing? I that’s quite a challenge!


I’ve seen you have some really interesting chess pieces on your profile. How about a Box special Basecamp chess piece, no one’s done one already…


Speaning of chess pieces, I was drawing a bunch of these way back when:

Got a chance to print it in metal a few years back:


Now I want to see a large one of those, scaled up to fit inside this printer :smiley: .


Oh, yea - might try that. The current size was determined based on the “free” print I was given to test the metal print.


Hah! The current model is yuuuuge! I must have scaled it down at the print service:


(Tiny blue dot is the bounds of the print)


I were thinking as large as possible too.


I more and more like the idea of having an option in Model Info for modeling size, affecting what real world length the internal floating points maps, like a built in Dave method, but that’s another topic!

Now I’m mostly worried of why the poor chess piece is so sad :frowning: . Kinda feel sorry for him.


Alright, adjusted the size:

Oh but why? His world is such a joy…

…I think I was quite a bit more moody back in the days… now I’m just grumpy. :smiley:


What about printing the Lego set so many times that we can build Bryce’s scale figure to scale (because it does not fit into the printer).


I just reworked my “Bolt Thingy” and uploaded “Nut Thingy” which threads were cut with “Bolt Thingy”. Technically they should fit each other after printing, that might be interesting. But, I wouldn’t get your hopes too high :grinning:



Not this post, but the finish date! We are bumping the finish date out a few weeks! That means you have extra time to get your 3d-printable models up on 3D Warehouse with the #3dbcmodelgarden tag and have it printed by Ulitmaker and displayed at 3D Basecamp in Palm Springs!


Oh good I am half done!





@TheOnlyAaron - I tried to upload this to the 3D Warehouse but it kept failing to upload!

Its a 3D model I made of a local market cross near where I work. We printed it on the office Airwolf 3D printer and it came out really well, I had to scale it down for this, so not sure how it would print on a Ultimaker?

Nat Ellis - Basecamp 3D Print.skp (1.3 MB)


Is there a way to see all uploaded models with #3DBCmodelgarden as hashtag?