Be a part of the Ultimaker “Model Garden” at 3D Basecamp!


Yep @Cotty



Don’t include the hashtag symbol when searching for the hashtag. I did this first and it gives no matches.


Thanks, all, for your submissions! Thanks to you we ended up with 80 models for Ulitmaker to print at 3D Basecamp!

The Model Garden is going to look awesome!



Seen as though I won’t be there, I hope the garden will get some form of video coverage. That would be good to see.


I’d love to see some footage of the models being printed and prepared!


I’ll post stereoscopic pictures, if I can.


I would like to see some pictures too :wink: maybe on Twitter?



My model is gone so probably someone likes this :wink:


Where did the models end up? I didn’t get to see my Peon printed - but I heard it was at some point. Even saw a short video of it being printed. But I’d love to see the final result.


The Garden was ravaged during the early part of friday afternoon. Most of it was stolen by god knows who. Including one I brought with me. It was very disappointing for all of us that had models there.


I was really looking forward to getting my Schloss Eneburg model :confused: . I think Andreas wanted his cathedral even more, after spending so much time making such a detailed model a monosolid.


I can hardly imagine someone taking someone else his/ her model. Yes, that is disappointing, to say the least.


I agree, especially when folks were told they were allowed to take their models home afterwards. Very sad for the contributors that were there.


The closing down of the Knowledge Cafe and the 3D print garden, was somewhat abrupt and didn’t have a formal time. I was able to come away with the model they printed for me, but at the end I think whoever happened to be around was being encouraged to help themselves.

I’ll ask Mr Ultimaker (Matt Griffin) to drop by, maybe there is something he can do.


At least you had a chance to see it for a while.
For some reason, they never got around printing mine.
Albeit, it was the first submitted after @TheOnlyAaron seeded 3DWH with his.

Friday morning they said time was short, it would take too long to print.
Instead, we did a quick test print of a ring for Margaret and me.
And with that, they began packing up the machines.


For inspection I tried to zoom in and orbit around the ring. My mouse doesn’t work, …
D’oh !


Attempting to orbit a JPEG or similar, seems that’s well known side affect of SketchUp.


Here’s the cure for your ‘orbititis’ :wink: