Be a part of the Ultimaker “Model Garden” at 3D Basecamp!

Are you a 3D printing enthusiast or aspiring to be so? Then this is for you! We’re excited to announce a fun partnership with Ultimaker at this year’s 3D Basecamp. The Ultimaker crew is bringing a handful of printers to the Knowledge Cafe for some on-site 3D printing action throughout the entire week!

We’d love to print your projects for our 3D Basecamp model garden. Anything printed at the event will go on display in the Knowledge Cafe for Basecampers to ooh and ahh over throughout the week, and might even end up featured on SketchUp’s social channels. If we post a picture of your printed model, let us know & we’ll send you some SketchUp swag!

Bonus: if you’re attending Basecamp, you can take your print home at the end of the week.

In general, the model needs to fit into a 4” x 4” x 6” box. Anything larger will not be printed. Feel free to submit anything you’ve already modeled or something new. The models must be manifold (a single solid). We highly recommend running Solid Inspector 2 to make sure they’re print-ready. We also need them to be display-ready right off the printer; i.e. prints should be designed with minimal support required. The best part: you can use anything you want for this print! Something you have made before or a derivative work from a 3D Warehouse model is all accepted.

Just add it to 3D Warehouse with the hashtag #3DBCmodelgarden and consider your model submitted for review!

Details and Rules:

  • You must add your model(s) to 3D Warehouse and tag it with the hashtag “#3DBCmodelgarden” to be considered
  • No entry limit
  • The model(s) must be completed and uploaded to 3D Warehouse by September 18, 2018
  • Models must be manifold / self-supporting


Whats the resolution of the printer they will use?

We will leave that to Ultimaker. The goal will be to print as many models as possible, so it is unlikely we will be printing at “Super Fine” resolution.

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I would think they will use this printer:

Ultimaker S5 Specs

It says the XYZ resolution is 6.9, 6.9, 2.5 micron, but as per what Aaron says, the actual prints may not be done that finely.

Nice, I used one one when I was in London, hopefully I can find something to submit!

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@liamk887 …find/make/steal… I don’t care HOW you do it, but I expect you to submit SOMETHING…

Multi color printing?

I think they will be one-color prints. I know that Ultimaker has multi-head printing… But we are trying to keep it simple.


Oh indeed! Have you still got that 3D scan of your head I will stick it in a spacehsip.

Ha! Funny you should ask! I just uploaded as a sample model for this event!

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Haha ok we are set then I have a great idea! ‘Mecha Aaron’

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I just giggled out loud.

You laugh now but when my basecamp presentation consists of what was sketched on the napkin of the Norwegian Air flight from Sweden but my printing model is of amazing results of 100’s hours of crafting your overlords at HQ will not be happy @jbacus ! /s

Oh… I will giggle then, too.

And I am sure that your airplane sketches are amazing!

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Great, will be something like this, you guys can fill in the blanks:


Dear @Caroline I take it that this is for the 3D Basecamp on September 24 - 28, 2018 at Palm Springs? There is no reference such as … :frowning: … unfortunately that’s a bit far for me. But as a Dutch manufacturer Ultimaker will also be on the next Dutch basecamp with an action like this maybe? Right? That would be awesome.

Kind regards,
a Dutch SketchUp-Pro lover
and Ultimaker owner and user

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This has nothing to do with attending Basecamp, but helping us to supply Ultimaker with some awesome models that they can 3D print!

This means that, if you are NOT going to make it to Basecamp in Palm Springs, you can still be represented by your amazing model which will be printed on site by an Ultimaker printer!


I just uploaded a couple of simple ones but nothing seems to appear when you search by that hash tag.

Is that just the maximum extents of the printed model, or do models need to match these dimensions in SketchUp? After all, we always recommend to model in SketchUp to real-world units (and a building is several meters high).

For example, for models of buildings that exist already in 3D Warehouse, do we need to edit them and re-upload a down-scaled copy?

Ahh now its clear thx for responding @TheOnlyAaron:slight_smile:

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