Be a part of the Ultimaker “Model Garden” at 3D Basecamp!


Manifold and Stylus Rocker? Thank you for the models!

When you search, don’t type the hashtag into the search box (I.e use “3dbcmodelgarden” rather than “#3dbcmodelgarden”).


You can model whatever size you want, but the final, uploaded model must fit inside the 4 x 4 x 6 print volume. Your can model inside that size from the start, or scale to that size after you finish modeling.


I was just fiddling with a model for this and it hit me that the 6" direction is relevant to how the model can be printed.
I’m assuming that the 6" is the height of the print area? So if your model is such that it needs to be printed on a specific plane then the largest dimension on either the x or y plane must fit the 4" limit.
For example, this basket would not print well if turned on its side, but technically it fits the dimensions.

Edit: D’oh! It’s round so it is 6 in 2 directions already.


I’m working on creating a solid model of the exterior of my old castle :smiley: .


Haha, spent so many hours trying to purge the interior and simplify the exterior of this old model of mine, before I remembered I had already done it before so I could have a model of the castle in the architectural exhibition within the castle itself!

Now scaled to 1:2500 and made solid!


Thats looking good, I just uploaded my humble resized “Ghosty Tealight” from a gallery post a while ago. I’m surprised more haven’t been entered so far.


Will there be any textual information next to the printed models? 3DWarehouse title and username? I’t be nice to be able to include the scale architectural models are in (e.g in their title).


Just uploaded the impossible triangle.


For a short moment I really thought you found something 3D printers can not print!


Looking good, all! We have a few dozen models up there!! Keep it up!!


This is good! :+1:

If you want to get rid of the shading in SketchUp you can open the Shadows inspector and set Light to 0 and Dark to 80 (Setting Light to 0 is enough to get rid of the shading, but also setting dark to 80 lets you see colors in the model exactly as they are defined by the material).


Thanks for your advice. I updated the model,


Will those overhanging curves print ok without there being a lot of supports? Of course, they can just add supports to solve the problem.


Yes the tips would need support in this position, which is basically why I was asking the question. On my printer the slope of the sides would be fine but it would print 24 little towers to set the tips on, they would be easily snapped off and cleaned up once printed.
You don’t have to print the object flat to the ground, you can position it however best suits the construction. Therefore it helps to know which axis is the long dimension. I’m assuming it is the height, but no doubt there are some printers that have a rectangular bed.
None the less I didn’t bother continuing with that design.


At this point, since there are only a few days left, perhaps people should suggest possible models they would like to see printed.
I have hundreds that I have printed but have no idea of those that would interest others.
Post an idea and we can see if we have it already or can make it.


I’d like to see some of your pedagogical animated GIFs printed :stuck_out_tongue: . Would be a 2D print though, so maybe not relevant here. Joking aside, it would be fun with a model that shows a process, e.g. half subdivided, half not.

Also, I’d like to see @thomthom’s car model that never gets finished because he gets sucked into making extensions for drawing it :stuck_out_tongue:


No way! If he ever finishes that car we won’t get any more organic modeling tools!


Oh, no no no-no-no, I didn’t mean for him to finish it before submitting. I want to see the car as it is now, in the process of being modeled.


Ahh… Yeah… I could see that… But I seriously doubt that his working model is manifold! :rofl:


Well, it could be cleaned up a bit but still resemble the working model in its current state :stuck_out_tongue: .