3D Basecamp 2022 - 3D Basecamp’s Curious Creatures Competition is open!

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Create a digital orca, robotic t-rex, or even a new species! Inspired by nature’s boundless imagination, our Curious Creatures Competition is your chance to model some truly original animals. Ten lucky finalists will have their models exhibited at 3D Basecamp’s Augmented Reality (AR) exhibition, and the top three modelers will snag prizes.

Get curious; get the glory; get the prize. Head on over to the competition page for details on all the contest criteria and how to submit those imaginative designs. And heads up: we are accepting entries until June 30th, 2022. So make sure to get your submissions in on time!

The models will be exhibited using SketchUp’s AR viewing technology for 3D Warehouse. SketchUppers at 3D Basecamp can scan a QR code and transport themselves to your unique creature’s dimension. Make sure to capitalize on 360-degree viewing for people to fully experience your masterpiece!

If you haven’t purchased your 3D Basecamp ticket yet, now’s your chance! Join fellow designers and modeling experts this September at 3D Basecamp to celebrate all things SketchUp.


Playing around with the new 3D Warehouse ‘View in AR’ feature which is pretty cool (not sure my dog would agree)…

Going to be a great exhibition in Sept… Can’t wait to see what the community comes back with!


Here’s some mechanimals to get your creativity going, looking forward to all the entries


Wow! That’s super cool! I hope you submit a curious creature for the competition!!!


Gotta find that time lol, would be a great excuse to learn some quad modeling!


Might push me to finish my Spider.


If anyone should be using quad modelling it is you, it is designed for your brilliant style of work.


Yay should be fun, normally it’s subdivide and hope for the best. The glasswork spider is looking great already, and perhaps even more so in AR. Just have to watch that 200k polycount limit!

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Ha ha yes, haven’t read the rules yet, uploaded the spider to the warehouse to check the polies as it stands at the moment, nearly 4 times the limit. Might have to have a rethink.

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Yikes and awesome!


I think this competition has your name written all over it!


Lol awesome…but will it run on the ipad :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Will there be a place to view those that enter on the Warehouse.
Is there a # for them?

Also is the public voting on them or the SketchUp Staff?

Hi @zummallen - To answer your questions, Yes we will create # after the judging closes so that everyone can view them on the 3D Warehouse (or in AR wherever they happen to be!).

And the voting is done by a combination of SketchUp staff and a guest judge that is a SketchUp professional.

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Is the list of countries that are able to participate final?
Unfortunatly neither Germany or Croatia are on it :frowning:

That is a remarkably short list, looks like I’m out too.


I cannot make heads or tails about the list. Is Finland counted as part of the United States? Is it only for U.S. residents? Why are many of the EU countries excluded?


I’m hoping it is an oversight/typo sort of thing. They have lifted a list from some other document and haven’t actually looked at what they have posted.
Any other reason would seem to be at the very least ‘disappointing’.


Was this an edit made within the last few hours? " Deadline

We are accepting entries until June 30th, 2022. This competition is open to residents of all countries. All entrants must be 18 or older to participate. Winners will be announced in mid-July on this website."

It seems, as of this moment, the competition excludes no one.