Curious Creatures Competition Live Stream!

This Friday I will be modeling an entry for the Curios Creature Competition that we are currently running (find out more about this competition right here). In order to be assured that this will be the best possible entry, I need your help to decide what I will be modeling.
As an added plus, the final creature will be prepped for 3D printing!!

Please take a second to cast your vote in the poll below, and then swing by our YouTube channel this Friday to see our creature come to life!

Join us live 2022-05-20T18:00:00Z

What animal should Aaron Model?

  • Tiger
  • Shark
  • Spider
  • Alligator
  • Wolf
  • Octopus
  • Platypus
  • Cricket
  • Hippopotamus
  • Snake

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OK… so we have a handful of votes, but I hope to get some more… so here is the deal!

Instead of modeling a single animal to 3D print, I will take the top three animals and model a mash-up! Three distinct animals crammed together into a single model!

Vote for your favorite animal and assure that it ends up in this digital monstrosity!!

The ever favorite “Tiger Pony”!

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Where can I get the link to yesterdays iPad webinar? I registered in April but never heard anything after I got a “You’re registered…”

Emails should be going out today

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Three animals! Great idea! How about a Hippogryph with the others? The creature should be able to fly, swim and travel on land.

YouTube says the livestream starts at 9AM Pacific.

Depending on your time zone… I guess that could be true… I just looked on YouTube and it says it is at noon, MDT (just over two hours from now)

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Well, that is odd…it says 9AM Pacific on my Roku and 11am Pacific on my phone. This is Transom, by the way. Looking forward to this one! It will be a Douzy! Many thanks Aaron!

Or maybe some Blast Ended Scroots?

Well, here is the horror we have created!