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Functional Design Competition

We’re 3D Hubs and we are working together with SketchUp and Flashforge to create a competition to showcase how 3D printing can create useful objects for your everyday life. With the rise of desktop 3D printers within the past decade, this same technology that was once used for creating prototypes has increasingly become used for creating end products - including everything from self-watering planters to headphones, desk organizers and more. The purpose of this contest is to highlight these useful everyday objects and encourage both new and seasoned SketchUp users to create these functional designs!

To really make digital become physical we are giving away some great prizes thanks to our sponsors Flashforge; one of the leaders in 3D printer manufacturing. We’re extremely excited to see what SketchUp users can come up with and even more excited to be able 3D print some as prizes. Check out some examples (Chip bowl, lamp, cable tidy, pen holder) of great functional prints below from one of our, Hubs. Helder Santos:

Competition Summary

The Official Brief: Create objects that would serve a purpose in your everyday life.

Judging criteria: Entries will be judged on innovation, usefulness and printability with regard to their use as everyday objects. - Judged by 3D Hubs, SketchUp and Flashforge

Submission guidelines: Submit a SketchUp design to 3D Warehouse, check the ‘make this 3D printable’ button, tag it #SketchUp3DHubs and click the upload button.

Deadline for submission: October 25th, 2015


1st Prize: A Flashforge Dreamer and a Sketchup Pro License

2nd Prize: A Flashforge Finder

Runners up prizes (10 winners): Make it Real: Receive a 3D Print of Entry Design through 3D Hubs

Every entrant to the competition will receive a $10 free print credit voucher to use on 3D Hubs, make sure you’ve enabled “contact me” on your 3D Warehouse profile so we can send it over! Click here to read our blog post about how you allow others to contact you on 3D Warehouse to receive this free gift for participating!

Your profile and objects uploaded remain yours (however, you agree to allow others to view and download your content).



Great idea!

Just a suggestion: should there be a requirement for the creator to own the copyright, or else you may get a lot of people modeling stuff someone else made?

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I think that if you model it yourself, it’s ok. That person may want to state where the idea came from and link to original poster or idea.

Great thoughts. Thanks!

@George3DHubs anything else to add?

I think my thoughts are aligned with yours on this! Look forward to seeing your entry @robin !

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Hi Kirsty, as long as it’s predominantly 3D printable and is using easily accessible pieces then I see no problem. Look forward to seeing your entry.

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Hey guys, the link in the description to the 3D warehouse, it shows 2 other models, but not all the models that are tagged #SketchUp3DHubs in the 3Dwarehouse.
Are those your models that were posted as examples? Or are you guys downloading other tagged ones and compiling later into your collection for viewing?
Just because if people are checking out the contest through this link, they may think there’s only 2 submissions…

All of our submissions so far here, have tagged #SketchUp3DHubs. We will be updating the collection periodically as we have more submissions. We only just launched this competition yesterday, so there are only a handful so far. But we are expecting a lot of submissions!

Thanks, we look forward to seeing yours!

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See below some great ideas for a functional 3D Print! Click here to check out 3D Hubs Instagram for more examples and details around them.

Is there an age requirement to participate?

Also, can we submit more than one part?

Any 3D printing people kind enough to give some advice on whether a model would work? (PM me) Thanks in advance.

Hi Samuel, no restriction on entries as we have had some participants enter twice. If your under 18 please get consent to enter from a parent or guardian. Thanks

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Hi Gadget2020

Feel free to post on Talk Manufacturing | Hubs and ask for advice. We have a lot of 3D printing experts at hand to help.

Feel free to post a specific model and question in our 3D Printing Forum Category here.


Check out all the awesome submissions here!

Don’t forget to vote on your favorites by liking the models.

I am from the UK, can I still enter this?

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Yes, anyone can enter!

Thank you,

Can the design be multiple parts that have to be glued together?

Sure! Just explain that in the description. Can you not design joints so it fits together?

That should be fine, either way.