Win a 3D Printer and SketchUp Pro license! || ENTRIES CLOSED

Hi!! ;D

I’d like to really join this contest – I have a model and everything ready. But, I need to make sure that I will retain all rights to my design uploaded to this competition before uploading. Can someone either at Sketchup or 3DHubs confirm whether or not our designs will remain ours? I don’t want to sign my digital rights away. I know this sounds silly, but yeah. I’d appreciate an English-TLDR-DownToEarth-NonLawyer response. I’m assuming the worst in this clause but I could be wrong. Thanks in advance.

[quote=“Cotterpin, post:23, topic:15690, full:true”]
"Grant of Licenses. Distributors grant two licenses to their Models as follows:
To Trimble. For all Models you Distribute on or through 3D Warehouse, you hereby grant to Trimble a nonexclusive, worldwide, perpetual, transferrable (with the right to sublicense through multiple tiers), irrevocable license (under all applicable intellectual property rights) to copy, publicly perform and display, use, distribute, store, transmit and otherwise make available on or through 3D Warehouse each Model and related content as necessary to (a) promote, market, support and distribute (as applicable) each Model and (b) promote, operate and make available 3D Warehouse and any related Trimble products or services.

To the End User. You will make your Models available to end users pursuant to the General Model License."[/quote]

Hello @Cotterpin this response is from Beth, our Corporate Counsel:

“If the 3D model is your original work (and subject to the copyright laws), you will retain your copyright in the 3D model you upload to 3D Warehouse. However, you will also be granting users of 3D Warehouse a broad license and rights to your 3D model as described in detail in the Terms of Use ( ) and General Model License ( ).”


@SketchUpCommunityManager Hi! Thanks a lot for the awesome response. In terms of the 3D Warehouse users, this only applies to when the model is uploaded there, correct? I can remove it later and there will be no conflicting issues?

We ask that if you submit something for this contest, that you keep it up on 3DW.

what are the size limits of a single printed object/component?

Can I submit on the 25th or does everything have to be in by the 24th?

I’ve uploaded before deadline, but can’t see it on the list of submissions. My model

Or does it take some time before it appears?

Your model is included.

I’ve realized the link that sketchup community manager provided above was a collection, not search results of tag like you shown. Thanks!

Oh, noticed that both details and poster say deadline and judging happen on the same day, 25th. How is that exactly?

Hi everybody,

On behalf of the SketchUp and 3D Hubs team, thanks to everyone who has contributed a model to this contest.

This contest is now closed to new entries!

You can see all the competition entries here on 3D Warehouse. We’ve done our best to add all the models with a #SketchUp3DHubs hashtag to this collection. If you don’t see your model in there, please post to this thread soon with a link to your model. As long as it was uploaded to 3D Warehouse before 10/26, it will be eligible for the contest.

We’ll be judging entries later this week!


Well i guess not then.

When announced winners?

Is there any news about the results? I Can’t wait anymore :confused: ,this is painful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to share that the winners of this contest have been announced on the 3D Hubs blog!

As a reminder, entries were judged by the 3D Hubs, SketchUp, and Flashforge teams on the basis of printability, innovation, and usefulness. We were really impressed with the quality of the models that have been submitted.

If you were one of the winners or finalists: stay tuned, we’ll be in touch with details on how to claim your prizes.

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to this contest!


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completely unfair that’s all i can say

Congratulations to the winners!


Hi Mark,

I couldn’t see how to message you privately but I just received a message saying that I had won a prize in the Make it Functional Competition, I believe it is a $50 voucher.

I’m glad you liked my model, message me back.


Hi Mark,
I don’t see the private message feature on this forum, but I’ve won the first prize of the Make it Functional competition :smile: Glad you guys liked my Photography Turntable! Just ping me back.

Great work jrbedard!

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