SketchUp 3D Printing Challenge

Hi guys,

In collaboration with SketchUp, we are excited to announce our latest 3D printing challenge - and it’s all about printing jewelry! We now ask you to use your creativity and talent to design 3D printable rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, charms, or cufflinks! We invite all SketchUp users to submit your designs for a chance to win great prizes!

To take part in the challenge, please make sure to submit your SketchUp design via our challenge page ( before April 10th. The challenge is open to all designers, professionals to amateurs. There is no limit on the number of entries per contestant, so feel free to upload several designs. Since the winner will be selected on the basis of the 3D renders you put online, we recommend that you send us very clear, visible renders.

If you have only used SketchUp for creating scale models or architectural models so far, this is your chance to dive into something new and take your first steps into the world of jewelry design!

The prizes include a 3D print of their design in polyamide, brass, or silver, a 100 EUR/110 USD voucher for our i.materialise 3D printing service, and a license for SketchUp Pro!

Good luck with the challenge, and don’t forget to submit your jewelry design by April 10th!

So you are asking for sketchup designers to win a modelling challenge by providing good renders.

I would suggest you clarify that.

Does a good model win or a fancy render.?

I can make a simple torus and render it in white gold with delicate engraving chased with platinum.

But a rendering does not a 3d printable object make.

Hi there!

Thanks for your question and interesting in the challenge.

Each submission must include a 3D printable file. If you have struggles to make your SketchUp design printable, take a look at these tips and tricks:

In order to increase your chance to win one of our prices, we recommend to include renders as well (at least one image, but feel free to upload more).

That doesn’t really work.
A printable object shouldn’t be judged on how it looks in a render.
Renders by their very nature are an illusion.
3D Printing is about quality detailed modelling!
By the way, I have never needed any plugins to make my models printable.

Hi there,

Thanks for your comment! As you pointed out, judging designs based on renders can be tricky, but it’s the only option we have since the winning design will be printed in silver (or brass or polyamide if desired). We cannot print each and every submission and only then decide upon the winner :smiley:
Luckily we have an experienced team of 3D designers who can judge renders well and who will be able to tell which design will look great as a real 3D print.