3D Model Garden


At 3D Basercamp, in the Knowledge Cafe area, is the 3D print display that Aaron showed in a video post. There are 8 Ultimaker printers set up to print more models for the display, each one replacing an actual garden item.

I’ll post a stereoscopic picture each day to show the progress. Here’s the one from yesterday.


Update from today.


Wednesday morning.


It’s filling up nicely now
So, does the nut fit my screw? I’ll bet it’s tight if it does!


Nice, my model is already printed! :slight_smile:


I went and tried it. Neither of them are completely cleaned up, but the screw does begin to fit in to the nut.


Thanks Colin, that’s actually a bit of a surprise that it does fit. These are the first items I’ve (had) printed, it’s interesting to see.


Thursday morning.


Friday morning. Before it was dismantled.


Thanks for posting these, Colin!