A big shout out! (components)


Hey I already kind of figured out my problem but I want to throw a word of thanks out since I figured it out because of what I read here!

A few weeks ago I was making 1 inch diameter parts. I had ran into a problem there with follow me where I was working too small and @DaveR helped me out on that one by teaching me to work bigger then shrink to actual size .

Then last week I read on a thread started by someone else where @sjdorst and again @DaveR talked about components and how to draw your parts big then make components of them. Mirror the component and then shrink the mirror down to “actual size”.

So this weekend I was working on a part 10 inches by 6 inches and I would get so far into it then push/pull would not work any more! I realized (eventually) that the roughly 5/8 inch radii I was making on corners were not making smooth tangents- there was distortion at the intersections. That ‘double line’ issue threw push/pull off! It took me a while to figure it out because it was too small to see unless you zoomed waaaaay in.

Sorry I ramble, so I took the combined lessons of @daveR and @sjdorst and made my base part 10 times bigger then turned it into a component and mirrored it out and MAN, even setting aside the issues related to working ‘too small’ COMPONENTS ROCK! It has simplified so many other aspects of drawing and printing it is just unreal! Now that know about it I don’t l know how I got along without it- and I only used it for the first time 3 days ago!

So a big thanks to Steve and Dave!