Follow Me Tool aspects on file size


Hello All, and just offering this oldie but goody for anyone looking for aspects of the Follow Me tool. That go a little further then just the basic operations. The first 25 minutes he goes though great practices for it, then at the 30 minute mark. He explains how it effects file size and your models poly count. In a way that makes you realize what is going on “under the hood” of this thing while you create. It sheds some light on an area you are not focusing on or even now you should be concerned about. Plus a few tips with it as far as its use with groups and components.
He did not mention scaling up with the shape in a component wrapper. Especially with tight radius`s or corners. I believe it is now officially called the “Dave Scale Trick” of making a components a scaled version / copy of 100 / 1000 x size. Do your editing to it and just delete it when done. As all that you have applied to it, is reflected automatically in the original copy. Comes in handy with things that are closely spaced like Stainless Steel boating assemblies or roll cages in vehicles. Just some cool info that time wont effect…Peace…


Thanks for posting this.

Appreciate it.


My pleasure as I need it for myself more than anything. Also the quick 4 to 6 minute videos are nice and point on. These old / achieved 3D Base Camp ones for me are a blessing. I prefer them and my needs for learning this require the more in depth explanations. In conjunction with the video portion are a more complete way to learn it. Plus there is always extra dialogue and tips you would never have thought of. Or spark an idea that you wondered how to even get started. Glad it helped and there are a bunch more… as the basic and completeness of its features of this are only half of it challenge…Peace…