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Hello, Good People of the SketchUp forum,

(edit: so my goofy ■■■■ just looked over at the side bar and saw there were similar queries, but I’m still going to post this for the note of gratitude lest I forget)

I want to begin by extending a sincere appreciation of gratitude for the assistance you’ve all provided me over the years. I don’t participate here often and don’t really give back to the community, if only because I’m so underqualified, so I’m humbled by your assistance. < this is not bs, I mean this 100pc, and thank you all so much. If I could have you all over for a bbq (something i’m actually good at), I would do that in a flash (hit me up if you’re in the detroit area)

Anyhoo, another rudimentary question for you all…

I am working on a model that has extreme dimensions, by which I mean very large (mountain ranges), and somewhat small (bicycle components). When I zoom in to edit bike components, it will ‘disappear’ into the ether - as in half or so is ‘gone’ / cross-sectioned. I’ve tried hiding all other objects in the model other than the subject, but this provides no benefit. Is there a work around for this, or do I just need to bring the smaller objects into a new model for editing?

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It sounds like you are experiencing what is known as clipping. It might be that you can use tags to hide the larger parts of the model and make it easier to work on the smaller parts. It might make sense to copy the smaller parts to a separate file to work on them and then copy them back using Paste in place so they get positioned where you want them.

What version of SketchUp are you using? What operating system? That information in your profile would help us help you.

And I wish you hadn’t mentioned bbq. I’m hungry now and hoping you live nearby so I can take you up on your kind offer. :crazy_face:

Thank you for the info, Dave. I’m using SketchUp 2016 Pro on Win 11. I will try out your tips for sure.

If you’d like any good bbq recipes from Texas to Thailand, hit me up! I’m not a certified pro in any but have enjoyed all of the above and seem to have intuition for such, plus ~40 years of trial and err as it was my first passion.

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Please put that in your profile.