SketchUp fails to zoom

Hi guys! I hope you can help me with the problem i’m having with my sketchup 2013.
For my current internship i’m making an maquette for an exhibition. I’m new with the Sketchup program, but figured it out pretty quick. Now I have a small issue. I made the museum, put some artworks in there, en wanted to make some ‘camera points’ to show to my boss, but now SketchUp won’t let me zoom anymore.
When I zoom in a big white ‘square’ appears, and my whole building vanishes. I really don’t know what to do. Maybe it’s because i’m new with the program, maybe it’s because I pushed the wrong buttons… But for now, i’m stuck!
Can any of you guys help me out?

What I need to do is make camerapoints in every room, so that my boss can see what I did.
This is what’s happening (because i’m new I can only put one image in my post, sorry)

All the best,

Switch the camera to Perspective mode and see what happens.

It appears from your screen shot you are getting clipping. There’s a lot written about it.

Thanks for you fast respons! The camera mode is on Perspective. I’ll research the clipping you’re talking about.

It doesn’t look like perspective mode in the screen shot but OK. Try hitting Zoom Extents. What happens?

Did you happen to use the Advanced Camera tools and add cameras that way?

Thanks for all the replies! I fixed the ‘bug’. Some tool for the clipping thing did the trick! Don’t know what it was, but it works fine now. Thanks again!