I get by with a little help from my friends

Hello all:)

Ok, new part, new lesson and new features to learn in sketchup pro for me. I ran into a fun little challenge tonight while drawing a pressure plate. Instead of giving you a lot of screen shots, i did a screen capture for you:)

This was before i was told about a GIF recorder.

I did try from the lower face as well, and that screwed things up BIG time haha

Thank you all for looking and helping. It means alot

here is the file:
pressure plate.skp (124.5 KB)

Think about it a different way.

or…Delete the center of your upper ring, make it a group. Then open (donut) group and push pull it down to surface. Then copy that group around 5 times @ 60. MAke the base a group and then use solid tools to cut away parts you don’t need.

What the heck, i tried that way but it dis not like it haha. Wait… i know why it didnt, because i cut out the lines that seperate the tall cylnders from the boss ring… hmmm.

Thanks for showing me this. I am going to try that out and also what the other tip was.

Thanks guys.

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