Scaling down part

Seems the template I used was way to big . . I thought template in mm would be small when I saved it as clover.stl . . WOW was I wrong ! . .I imported it into Slic3r and it said it was scaling it down so it would fit my bed and it was still 200 mm by 140 mm by 35 mm and it fixed 541 problems while scaling down ( scaling took it down 97 % ) . . 401 layers and gobs of filament . . took a while for it to go through infill about 10 minutes of my quad core CPU running almost 90 % and I got 16 gig of DDR3 ram . .
So do I got to scale it down in Sketchup first before exporting to stl format like 50 % or so
I was looking for a part maybe 25 mm leafs and a 75 mm stem and then maybe 15 mm tall
humm can’t load the clover.stl fil

Do you have an example of the four-leaf clover you are trying to make? Without some visuals, it’s a bit difficult to try and help you solve your problem. If you are making the part to scale in a millimeter template, you should be able to export it using the STL plugin by specifying “Millimeters” when doing so.

Will have as I did not save it as a .jpg file just exported it to the .stl file format . . I found a template for 3 D printer files in the Templates and will try to import the file there and see what happens . .
I used Layer 0 for bottom of the item and layer 1 for the item drew the clover there and then deleted layer 0 and push pull the layer 1 to the height I thought was about right will save the drawing to a .jpg file and add it tomorrow ! . . My .4 mm Extruder nozzles came in late yesterday . . So got to get my ass in gear and put them on the Extruder’s and get them same heights and re attach Extruder’s to “X” Axis and check gap at “Z” = zero between bed and Extruder’s Sounds like a few hours of work to me . . Will change the Stop a gob and slowly lower it to correct level turn by turn of stop screw !