Import STL file crash SketchUp

Hey guys

I tried to import the attached STL file, but SketchUp crashes.

Any suggestion?

Thank you for your attention.

Note: I have submitted a bug
Dachshund_Keychan.stl (38,2,KB)

Try importing it with the import units set to Meters. That will get around the possible tiny face issue.

It worked. Thanks Dave.


Note that this isn’t really a bug. Even if it was, nothing is going to change in SketchUp 2017 Make.

Are you planning to 3D print this after you modify it?

Yes. I will use it as a base, modify it and produce parts for 3D printing and laser cutting

So for the 3D printing at least you should be able to leave the model at meters dimensions when you export the .stl.

What sort of laser do you have? What interface software do you use for it and what file type do you import into it? I presume this is a hobbyist-level thing? I recently won a Creality 40W laser but haven’t set it up yet.

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Thanks for the tip.

I already had an AttomStack P10. Very good equipment (I recommend the brand), but the cutting area (20x20cm) was too small for me.

I replaced it with a ZBaitu FF80 (10W laser). Good printing area and low price.

It’s a mix of hobby and small business. I cut and print pieces for my wife who has a pet accessories business and some things for personal use (model railroading)

Creality 40W Laser? Nice gift :). This is considered professional (at least here in Brazil). I would like to have one of those.

Interesting. I haven’t really done any research on lasers and winning this one was a big surprise. I’m intending to donate it to our local FIRST Robotics team. I expect they’ll make more use of it than I will and I’ll still have access to it if I need it.

You should get SketchUp Go or Pro if you’re using it in your small business. EULA stuff, you know. Besides, you will have access to some additional capabilities you don’t currently have.

Software, I use sketchup to create, export as stl (faces only).
For 3D printing I use UltimateKura and for cutting GRBL.
And I’m working on an extension to generate GCode directly.

I really appreciated your generosity. I’m sure they will love it.
I have a Pro license and I underuse sketchup. I have so much to learn.

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That’s encouraging. I installed it but haven’t really done anything with it yet.

That would be cool.

I hope they do. I can see a number of uses the team could put it.

Please update your forum profile. Thanks.


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