STL back to Sketchup?


I have been designing some prototype files to be 3d printed. Sketchup has been great and I’m very happy with the end results… there have been a few user errors along the way but not a big deal.
Anyways I used a SLT exporter to change to STL and then opened them in Netfabb to fix any mesh issues and make them a solid model. So my question is there a way for taking a SLT file that is “repaired” so solid model not mesh issues and bring it back in to Sketchup? The Machine shop down the line wants a PDF file… any thoughts.

thank you

The pro version of SketchUp can import STL files.


Thanks for the quick response. Is there another way? Its just that it 700.00 for pro and this is a home project. I don’t do this for a living. the designs I’m building are components for a 3d printer I’m designing and building so not for re sale even.


I don’t know of another way.

Ok thanks Dave.


What if you just fixed the model in SketchUp so you don’t need to bring the STL back in?

The stl plugin from the extension warehouse will export and import stl files. But I don’t know why you need netfab.

Well… lol I tryed to figure that one out a few days but it was beyond my expertise :wink:
So I just ran it though netfabb and hit the fix button! I’m thinking you know of another way?



Box & Dave do you guys just wait to help me in the morning lol Again thank you!!

I will look for a STL plugin. Really I did not think sketch up would have this. well that and I have Netfabb

thank you! Keith

I thought we went through this and you fixed your models. Obviously not. But at 3.40am I’m not going deeper, Dave might be in a position to help.


No not at all. I appreciate the help. Yesterday for me was just fixing the parts, the hole segments. I exported in netbabb after that work was done. But it was no issue there the machine shop today just told me they can not except STL files. I’m sorry if this is obvious I really don’t mean to be wasting anytime Ill spend more time researching my questions before I post from now on.

Thank you


I haven’t looked at the STL extension in the Warehouse and maybe that’ll do what you need.

As for making your model solid in SketchUp, I can’t imagine that it’s not possible. I’ll bet your mesh isn’t anymore complex than the one in my screen shot and as you can see, it is solid.

(39.5K entities)

I think the things that cause most folks problems when modeling is they get sloppy and don’t keep up on the housekeeping.

That’s ok, no it’s not obvious, but I don’t understand any machine shop asking for PDFs, but not being a Mac person they have always been a strange format for me. Perhaps they work differently for others.
Most importantly would be to find out what file formats they can work with and what best suits them.

If you have a recent version of Photoshop, that can import STL or DAE (and 9 other formats), and export several different formats, including those two.

My parts are basic along with my skills. I’m just happily working my way though modeling.
When I ran my models though Netfabb there was only one minor issue in the 8 parts and netfabb repaired that, so I’m sure the STL extention will be a great solution. It also saves me a step in the future if I don’t have to run my part though Netfabb so that’s great also. Ill go find a plug in now and give it a go!

thanks for the help.


Box, I agree when he said pdf??? the next question I asked him was if he was doing the machining manually or with a cnc. The fellow is getting back to me on how and with file type…
I may be looking for a new shop also.


I do have Photoshop I’m going to try the STL import export plugin but Ill definitely keep that in my back pocket!

Thanks Keith

Sounds like a Good plan!

If you do try Photoshop, the sequence would be:

3D menu - New 3D Layer from File…
3D menu - Export 3D Layer…

Ill give it a try thanks Colin

I down loaded the STL import tool it worked great!
I’m also calling around to a couple of other shops!

thanks again


I’ve been using two plugins within sketchup. Get them from the extension warehouse : solid inspector and STL plugin.

Solid inspector will find holes and other issues with your model. It’ll show them to you and you fix them yourself. Using long enough snap distance in preferences will also help.

PDF is 2D format and if your 3D printing shop doesn’t know of STL, change quick ! You also have an option with online services like Sculteo.

Have fun.