Missing plugin for .stl?

New here, probably going to screw this up. Im using Sketchup Make 2016. A couple months ago I modeled something, exported as stl, and printed. No problem. went to model something three weeks ago and the export as an stl is no longer an option. Where did my plugin go? Warehouse says its not there anymore. Not great. To make it better, I sent the dae which appears to be the default now to a buddy to see if he could convert it for me, and the file apparently cannot be converted either. My buddy and I suspect there is now new code written into an update to corrupt the file so it cannot be converted thereby forcing an annual subscription for the hobbyist user. Not ideal. Nothing has changed with my system.

thanks for any help. Dont really want to relearn a whole new program, but from my hours wasted reading about this, it seems I might need to.

The plugin is called SketchUp STL…

That is really the first and most obvious assumption?

SketchUp 16 has not changed, so if your extension is not loading then something has changed on your computer. The STL exporter extension appears under File>Export STL… not under File>Export>3D.

Of course. Anytime something does not work right away it must be the result of a complex large scale organized conspiracy targeted directly at me.

considering nothing has changed whatsoever and now its an annual subscription, why not? But thanks for the help. I have re-downloaded that extension. Cannot locate with sketchup.

Right away? great presumption. Ive only been trying to sort this for weeks. What you state should be there is no longer there when it once was. Now its only export as dae or kmz. But thanks. I appreciate being ridiculed for my observation and conclusions from so much time trying to sort this.

man, so much for asking for help. jesus. maybe try asking questions that I havent pre answered.

maybe your first tries were within a PRO trial period?

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Ok Ok, relax. I’m just poking fun, I apologize if I offended. Weeks trying to fix this, really? My point was that where you are seeing the dae or kmz options there never was an stl option. In 16 it was never a stock option, only available by extension which does not appear in that location, it appears under File>Export STL… so I wanted to confirm that you weren’t simply lookin in the wrong place.

FYI SketchUp Free online works great and exports STL like a champ and is completely free.


Just to demo what endless is saying.
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