STL download and install stl extention

Seems that it installed it but I can not find the Export to STL spot in the menu When I go to the Extention where house and click down load it says it is installed and do you want to remove it . . But the normal spot to export to STL is not there has export to 3D and 2D but no STL . . Why ? . . I up graded to next Sketchup Make 2016 version and did not find the stl in export so went to reinstall it . . What is going on ? I went wandering through the menu’s to see if you put it some place else but nothing . .

Are you referring to the SketchUp STL extension? Did you read the description on the page in the Extension Warehouse where it is clearly spelled out how to find it?

Or are you referring to something else?

My version shows under file menue, has export part , the import part other is just part of file options under import. BTW reverse engineering with STL import is not recommended in MHO because it can bloat file because it adds many tris
" STL files do not contain the original reference geometry to reconstruct the solid and will at the very best result in an approximation.
What happens is the resulting surfaces have many control points (both along and across) that are exponetially more complex and degraded.|As a number of these poorly defined surfaces are used to construct your model process gets time consuming, inaccurate and unstable dot dot dot "

The Export STL item appears directly in the File menu rather than appearing in SketchUp’s Export Dialog; whereas the STL Import uses SketchUp’s built-in Dialog. This inconsistency is due to a lack of functionality in the Ruby API and prevents extensions that have an export feature from using SketchUp’ built-in export dialog and instead use a regular menu item.

This causes an inconsistency in the user interface for the STL Extension and any Ruby-based extension that wished to export from SketchUp.

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That is where I looked first as I have been a Sketchup Make user for a while now and have exported to STL a gob of times now . . This is the first time that under File menu that it was not here other than first install . . Did the Upgrade to next version make it un useable and has to be re installed ?

Not using any Ruby programs / files to do any thing with . . So this does not apply to my problem . .Going to remove and then re install it and then see if it shows up in the File Menu under Export ! . . Was working on a RED lens for flash light ( red translucent PLA ) from Hartchbox !

Check in the SketchUp Preference setting for a section called ‘extensions’. . . Then see if you have it checked as being an active plugin.

I’m guessing that an inactive status could make it possible for SU to think/know that the extension is installed BUT yet, not displayed in the menu system.

** Names may vary in the Windows World… I’m just going by what I see in my OS X install.

You’re contradicting yourself…

From First Post:

… and your reply to Jim:

ALL the plug-ins at the Extension Warehouse are written in RUBY… and thus can be considered ruby programs, or scripts, or plug-ins, or whatever you want to call them.

IF you’re using ANY extensions at all, your using ruby based programs — even though you might not think of them like that.

… So, his comments DO apply, and you should go back through them and make sure you know what he’s saying there.

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Did a remove and re install now it works like it should . . Must have been the Upgrade to latest Sketchup Make that did something to the Extension working right . .Never had it do that before . .