Export STL not working


I have just updated to Sketchup 2015 and downloaded the Sketchup STL extension. However, when I try to “Export STL” it has a blank file extension and cannot save it as a STL. ???

I used to use Sketchup 2013 and had no problems previously.



Hm… the extension might need an update. But you should be able to export regardless - just manually append .stl to the filename.


Hmm… To me it looks the same in SU2013 and SU2015…



What is it that you see?

If you click Save, does it not generate a file for you? If not, what happends? (And is there any errors in the Ruby Console)


That’s exactly what i see!
I cannot manually add .stl to the box. If i save it as it is it saves it as a “file” not a Certificate Trust List that it was before?
As for the Ruby Console- a bit beyond me i’m afraid! What do io need to do?

Thank you for helping this muppet!


Sorry- I was really being a muppet!!! I CAN add .stl to the file name and it saves it as a Certificate Trust List.
Woohoo! I can 3d print again!

Thanks for the reply.


PERFECT :smiley: just the anwser i had been looking for the past 3 days …

this solution should be labled along with the expantion pack, sinc a rookie like me wouldn´t know what to do

but tanks a million