Problem converting and exporting SketchUp file to .stl

When I try to export a fairly simple model all I get is either .dae or .kmz file options. I need to convert this to an .stl file so that it can be 3D printed. Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates two different versions and is confusing.

if your profile is correct…


If not and you see only those 2 3D file types for export, you probably need to install the STL extension first.

Dave R-I am using SketchUp 2015. I tried installing 2018 and it was a disaster.

John-That looks nothing like what I see.

Cotty-I installed the STL extension and nothing has changed.

OK. So you aren’t using SketchUp Free (web) as indicated in your profile. And you can use extensions.

What happened when you installed it? Why was it a “disaster”?

It wouldn’t. That’s from SketchUp Free (web) which is what your profile says you are using.

What do you mean nothing has changed? Where did you look for the STL export option? How did you install the extension? Did you restart SketchUp after installing it?

The stl plugin adds a new item in the file menu for Export stl. It doesn’t add it to the standard export options.

When I click on the icon it says “Sketch Up 2015.” Excuse me if I’m a
novice at this. If I was an expert I wouldn’t be asking for help.

Sketch Up 2018 solidly locked all my files, and the only way that I
could unlock them was to remove 2018 from my computer and backtrack to
an earlier restore point. Sketch Up said to buy and install a new
video card to make it work, which was not indicated on their sales
pitch. If I have to start disassembling my computer to install
something along with their software, that’s a job for a tech, and I
don’t have the money to do that. 2015 works just fine for what I use
it for.


I looked for the STL option in the export file, and after seeing the
window that said the program was successfully installed, the STL
option just isn’t there. All I have is the .dae and .kmz files. Sketch
Up and my computer have both been restarted since installing the STL

If it is installed correctly you won’t see it in the export option. Look at the file menu again and ignore the standard export and look for another one that says stl export.

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