Export SketchUp files to STL



Can anyone tell me if it is possible (and then how to do it) to export a Sketchup file to STL in order to 3D print Sketchup models.

Thank you


Yes. You can export STL files. There’s an exporter available in the Extension Warehouse. Install it.


Thank you very much. I appreciate your quick reply.



Hi Dave,

Sorry to bother you again. Can you tell me if this can be used on the trial version?

I downloaded and clicked on Install. It opened up Sketchup and then stated “This does not seem to be a Sketchup File”. Nothing else happened after that. I went back into Sketchup and the “Export STL” option was not there.

Am I doing something wrong - rhetorical of course.

Thank you again.



It will work in the trial version. You can’t just open an extension in sketchUp. It needs to be installed first. Go to window>Extension Warehouse and search for the SketchUp STL extension. Click install when you get to it.

Since I have it installed already, it shows Uninstall where you will find Install.


That worked beautifully. Thank you very much - again. My students will be very happy that they can now print models created in class.

Thank you again.




The models need to be a single manifold group. (Ie, “watertight” with no stray edges.)

Read the instructions on the STL extension’s Extension Warehouse product page.

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