Apple Vision Pro

I have been using a 27” iMac for the last 13 years and quite used to it but lately I am feeling a bit of screen envy from multiple monitor users and mobility envy from those of you using laptops for on the go work.

Before spending a lot of time and money on new hardware I wanted to know if anyone has investigated the Apple Vision Pro as a primary mode to replace monitors altogether.

I think the future of visualizing our work product and workspace will become a virtual 3-d environment replacing flat screens just as 3-D modeling replaced 2D drafting.

I am planning on purchasing the AVP when they become available and I am hoping they can also become a part of our daily work environment.

Really looking forward to hearing what others think about the topic and the product in particular.

I did dabble with this on the Quest 2, which offers the same types of functions, but the reality is that having a heavy thing that your face sweats behind for any prolonged period of time is not super nice - especially when the thing you have strapped to your face actually is making heat of its own.

I felt very much the same about it when I would play games also.

The AVP is obviously a far more expensive product and will no doubt more a more refined experience, I’m excited to give one a go at some point. I doubt I’ll go ahead and grab on on a whim for $3500 and maybe another $300+ for the prescription lens inserts.


For the price of the apple vision you can get a much more powerful MacBook, Mac mini or Mac studio, and get a good 2 or 4K ultra wide monitor, it’s like having 2 monitors. If you plan to get a new Mac I recommend you to wait until the release of the new M3 series, they’re gonna have gpu’s with ray tracing hardware acceleration, they’re going to be a huge upgrade from an m1 or m2.

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That is an excellent point! And thanks for the tip on the gpu upgrade, I will definitely wait for that.

I think the idea of the AVP is that you already have all the nice toys and that it’s just an additional peripheral, especially if working on a mac. I have a curmudgeonly PC centric ex-colleague that works at Apple now and he says it is incredibly good.

I’m sure it’s going to be amazing, but as you said, as another piece of hardware to add to the apple ecosystem, not as the only hardware, a MacBook with an M3(coming soon) chip will be more powerful than the apple vision that will have the M2 chip and it will be cheaper.