Apple Vision Pro

I have been using a 27” iMac for the last 13 years and quite used to it but lately I am feeling a bit of screen envy from multiple monitor users and mobility envy from those of you using laptops for on the go work.

Before spending a lot of time and money on new hardware I wanted to know if anyone has investigated the Apple Vision Pro as a primary mode to replace monitors altogether.

I think the future of visualizing our work product and workspace will become a virtual 3-d environment replacing flat screens just as 3-D modeling replaced 2D drafting.

I am planning on purchasing the AVP when they become available and I am hoping they can also become a part of our daily work environment.

Really looking forward to hearing what others think about the topic and the product in particular.

I did dabble with this on the Quest 2, which offers the same types of functions, but the reality is that having a heavy thing that your face sweats behind for any prolonged period of time is not super nice - especially when the thing you have strapped to your face actually is making heat of its own.

I felt very much the same about it when I would play games also.

The AVP is obviously a far more expensive product and will no doubt more a more refined experience, I’m excited to give one a go at some point. I doubt I’ll go ahead and grab on on a whim for $3500 and maybe another $300+ for the prescription lens inserts.


For the price of the apple vision you can get a much more powerful MacBook, Mac mini or Mac studio, and get a good 2 or 4K ultra wide monitor, it’s like having 2 monitors. If you plan to get a new Mac I recommend you to wait until the release of the new M3 series, they’re gonna have gpu’s with ray tracing hardware acceleration, they’re going to be a huge upgrade from an m1 or m2.

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That is an excellent point! And thanks for the tip on the gpu upgrade, I will definitely wait for that.

I think the idea of the AVP is that you already have all the nice toys and that it’s just an additional peripheral, especially if working on a mac. I have a curmudgeonly PC centric ex-colleague that works at Apple now and he says it is incredibly good.

I’m sure it’s going to be amazing, but as you said, as another piece of hardware to add to the apple ecosystem, not as the only hardware, a MacBook with an M3(coming soon) chip will be more powerful than the apple vision that will have the M2 chip and it will be cheaper.

I have ordered one and am super interested in the virtual monitors and integrating with sketchup etc. I will report back.

I pre-ordered one for my company. I’ve been waiting years for Apple to jump into this space. My hope is that I can eventually somehow use it with SketchUp. I’ve been using Meta Quest headsets to visualize spaces and do walk throughs with clients which has worked great. VR/AR is really exciting to me. I realize AVP won’t be useful right out of the gate but I have hope that it will evolve to be… I would love it if the iPad version of the app works right out of the gate and that somehow I can use the “view in AR” feature. I will find out in a couple of days…

Got an Apple Vision pro. Very excited to begin walking clients around in a 3-D environment. Wondering if anyone in The Sketchup eco-system can share their experiences with AVP?

Keep us updated, you may be the first to try it.

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I´d be very careful about not making it my sole computer. How are you gonna manage over the table conversations with a client?

You can be able to see the environment with apple vision while seeing other things.

sure. but I think the clients might leave :slight_smile:

Also: Are everyone in the room gonna have apple glasses, or dont the client get to see the architecture you make ?

I don’t know what apps the Apple Vision Pro might have, but as far back as the HoloLens there was the HoloLens Companion app that would show the camera view of the headset on a ‘companion’ computer. Likely, those not wearing the headset will be able to see the scene from their computers/tablets/cell phones.

iPad’s version of SketchUp doesn’t seem to be currently supported by Vision OS. I did use SketchUp on my AVP today by streaming my Mac desktop to the headset. It works really well. Not a lot of lag. The keyboard and track pad I have connected to the APV seamlessly works with the Mac desktop which I thought was cool. If you have a 3 button mouse connected to the Mac desktop it’ll also work to the streamed desktop - unfortunately just not with the rest of Vision OS windows. Hopefully we can do some true VR stuff using this headset and SketchUp in the future. As it is now, it’s basically just a huge floating Mac display with other Vision OS displays floating around it. I feel it’s going to be a productive way to work in the future…

Back at one of the IBS shows in Vegas I got a demo of a VR headset running SketchUp and I think Enscape to walk through a custom home. They had a ‘portable’ setup to bring to a client’s home for meetings when sharing design progress.

Was pretty incredible. I had goggles on and the hand paddles. Was guided through the home and eventually I could click on a space and navigate myself. Until I looked down, didn’t see my feet and started to lose my balance. The architect who was doing the demo steadied me.

I almost went out and changed my entire business model so that I could get a setup and offer that sort of service to my clients…

I think gen 2 or 3 will be compelling, especially if there is a ‘shared’ space people can use - that where multiple people can explore the same ‘space’ together. Would be super helpful for my current international zoom calls where I’m spinning a model around.

But I think for now I’ll wait, and honestly I hope that by the time this is mature enough to use I will be retired and spending most of my time hiking in the mountains.


My first thought was that it’s too expensive, wait until rich folks shake out the bugs and demonstrate real use cases. But I’m not working at a place that shells out thousands per seat for big name cad software…

No word from Trimble about some kind of support for the vision pro? It is an incredible opportunity for them!

I run a retail design business and we will definitely change to the software that supports the AVP. The quality is amazing and it will really gives our business an edge using the headset instead of a Quest 3 or anything like that.

having a apple Vision version of sketchup is obviously cool, an they probably can’t wait to start on that. I just hope they bother to fix all the severe bread-and-butter everyday workflow issues before they embark on another new cool project that also doesn’t fit tightly into any contiguous workflow.


That is great feedback. I’m 66 and should retire everything is changing so fast, it’s a lot of fun, but implementing this new technology may be something I do for fun later because I already spend half my time trying to keep up with learning every interesting development that kits my desk.

I probably will invest in a headset in 12 months after some of the workflow videos come out. I would love to get a client into virtual space with me, especially so they could see all the infrastructure in their house by tuning off the finish surfaces to expose structure, hvac. Plumbing, all of which I routinely model.