So, where is this heading?

I notice that the inspector tools on materials and styles are all about presets, and make it impossible to edit/create new stuff.

So will this be a simple viewer/editor for models arlready saved to trimble connect, or is it just a matter of time until we get more stuff that is planned?

for the most part, Yes.

The team at the Basecamp has shown their interest in SketchUp being used in different platforms such as Linux, and Chromebooks which clearly a lot of educators use.

The question I have is how deep will it be able to replace Sketchup.

Not who will it serve. I’d use it in my phone and it works rather well (though interface isn’t prepared and so we can create no real work with it).

I’d use it out of office, but to what extents? That is what I want to know… how should I position myself towards it?

Personally, I don’t have much of use of it in my workflow as well. But I thought it will be really useful for some people.

Anyways, the mobile viewer works really well on your phone or tablet. Are you planning on doing “edits” on your phone? :smiley:

Yes I am, eventually. I’m not thinking of actually working as I do on the desktop, but I’d really like being able to edit stuff while at construction site:

  • I can see myself editing materials for sure;
  • Creating a new scene, with a camera and a new layer and get some dimensions in place for later work on my office;
  • I could also draw a model for something fast on site, simple things of course;
  • Why not change the door in that wall?
  • Definetelly take a picture using VR and it would set an automatic “match photo” scene. This would be EXTREMELLY handy… I could even model some starting block based on my photos and the basic shape would be set to go… Imagine this with GPS and using the Phone’s motion sensors.

I know it’s still a long way from here, but as my.Sketchup progresses, features like these would be possible to implement.

I think for SketchUp Pros who are already using it effectively on the desktop, my.SketchUp is probably most useful as a kind of traveling companion- a backup tool for the times when (for whatever reason) you’re away from your desktop.


Ahhh, now I know what’s it for! I’m here sitting at my desk in Lisbon, while you’re all at basecamp playing with the new my.toy!

Have fun guys!

Except that according to it’s terms of use, my.SketchUp is only for personal and non-commercial use.

Section 1 says:

Customer may access and use the Service during the term of this Agreement, but only (a) for its own benefit in a non-production environment for non-commercial purposes,

… and then lastly:

…, in the event that Trimble releases a version of the Service for production or commercial use, any use of such version of the Service by Customer will be governed by separate terms and not by this Agreement.

So there is at least hopes that a “biz.SketchUp” cloud edition will come into being. Even though the “my” terms say repeatedly there is no guarantee that this will happen.

It would silly not to leverage this for commercial use, as the paying customers have been asking for this forever. (Many as an interactive viewer for protected SKP models.)

So, along with this goes the long-requested read-only (SKRO?) file format. (… which I’d hope allows inserting as a locked and non-explodable component.)

Looks great so far. Very responsive and clean, reasonably intuitive interface. Toolbar flyouts are a nice touch. Felt a bit lost for the first few minutes not being able to use my preferred keyboard shortcuts - hopefully customising those will come soon.
Really hope that support for extensions (preferably still Ruby, not keen to port!) will be added somewhere down the line, that is when it will really start to become interesting for me…

Hi Dan,

The “non-commercial” restriction in my.SketchUp’s Terms of Service has (at this time) more to do with the fact that we’ve launched a beta-level product (not appropriate for production environments) than that we wish to restrict against professional usage for some commercial purpose of our own.

We have not announced a pricing model for my.SketchUp, though you should not be surprised to find that we do so at some point in the future.


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Could be a great and easy access for clients for example, to review a sketchup model. Being a web application maybe you guys can setup a live session in which One can Control the Model and others are just viewers - A LA Presentation style! Having a collaborative nature to it.



I have just opened and have been playing with my.sketchup on my MBP and quite liked the GUI. I’d like it even better with a minimum of X-Ray.

I then thought, ‘This would be great on the iPad Pro!’ so I pulled it out and opened my.sketchup. It seemed to be loading okay with the big red bar and then I got the _“Whoa there, cowboy. my.sketchup has not been optimized for mobile browsers with their fancy multi-touch user interfaces. You can give it a try if you want, but just know that we really haven’t done anything special to make it work right yet.”

Needless to say I was deflated after reading the notice but still was quietly optimistic on the inclusion of the word ‘yet’.

I tried to play with my.sketchup on the iPad Pro using the Apple pencil but it was a non runner ;-(

You say, “my.SketchUp is probably most useful as a kind of traveling companion- a backup tool for the times when (for whatever reason) you’re away from your desktop.”

If one is at their workstation they will more than likely be using SketchUp Free / Pro on a PC or laptop. If they are travelling they will more than likely use SketchUp Free / Pro on their laptop.

I’m trying to figure out where my.sketchup will sensibly fit in and it seems to me that the logical place is on a pad, ideally an iPad Pro initially with the Apple pencil and then other Windows pads.

This would open a totally untapped market that is large and getting larger by the day. Check out,

Apple’s iPad Pro to sell 2.6M units in Q4 despite significant display, Apple Pencil production issues

I have a feeling that Trimble SketchUp might be developing a product that is not being aimed at a specific market. Maybe I am wrong but I can see no reason for its current development path other than possibly testing some sort of use of SU in the cloud.

I hope to see all hands onboard and my.sketchup being optimised for the iPad Pro as a cloud or onscreen app.

It would be a fantastic drawing / modeling experience using a pencil to draw and a hand to manipulate!

I have been experimenting with a few such iPad Pro drawings apps. One that has impressed is Shapr3D. Its not a cheap app at $24.99 per month or $249.99 per 12 months.

I would of course prefer SketchUp and it appears there is money to be made if the above pricing is anything to go by.

Mike Lucey

Hi Mike,

I think @JQL 's original question was about the relevance of my.SketchUp to existing SketchUp Pro customers, so my answer was directed at that user group. For them, I think the notion of a companion app on the web seems pretty interesting. I think @ronenbekerman is on the right track thinking of it as a way to share works in progress with clients, for example.

But, as I said in the keynote yesterday, my.SketchUp is primarily focused on the 99% of computer users in the world who have not so far found a way to run SketchUp at all.

I think many iPad users (and users of Android tablets) would agree with you that a version of SketchUp that runs on mobile devices would also be quite useful. My.SketchUp may eventually evolve into such a thing, but if it did we wouldn’t likely deploy it through the device’s mobile browser.

It is interesting, however, that it runs there :wink:


Yes John, Ronen’s point about letting clients have a play around is a definite plus.

I also take your point that MySU will introduce folks with basic machines to SketchUp. This is good especially for young kids. As they say, ‘Get em young’.

Yes, it does run on the iPad Pro so maybe not such a big job to bring it along further and as I said there is revenue to be made! It also appears that the 12.9 and 9.7 iPad Pros have decent power with the A9X chip with 64-bit architecture
M9 coprocessor.


It ran in my phone and it’s inferior to the ipad.

I agree with @ronenbekerman too, but I’m usually very sceptical at letting my clients edit my stuff. It always lead me to sorrow…

Very excited about this. I have noticed that performance is rather good. Shadows are a bit hairy still…

I for one, would use it in three ways:

  1. To let my clients view the model (I repeat, VIEW, not edit), by just sending a link. I think it could very sensibly replace the Sketchup Viewer app. No need to download.
  2. Take an iPad to site, discuss details with contractors over the model, check dimensions from real life against the model.
  3. VR headsets anyone? Shouldn’t be a major effort to get from a web-based viewer to Google Cardboard or similar, should it?

Also, I love the anti-aliased, smooth lines! When will we get this in the desktop version!?


Yes but how would you lock from editing on an editing app?

Dan talked about the possibility of a new skp locked format… I’d like that, but I’d also like it to have a locked model that was able to be insertable in another model.

Draw a building, lock it, insert it in an overall plan, but don’t let anyone edit it except the architect.

Draw a structure, lock it, insert it in the building and… I think you get it.

Trimble Connect has many features that will help you share design models with clients in non-editable formats. Since Connect is the platform that supports my.SketchUp, your login also grants you access at


I haven’t paid much attention to TC, since I don’t need it myself. But would this mean that the client must have a TC account and learn to navigate the TC interface, in order to just view the model ?

Last time I tested Trimble connect wasn’t accepting hole cutting components… I will try it eventually, but only for a professional scenario where having a coordinated model is needed and that coordination isn’t being done by ourselves, but by a team contracted to do that.

If the work is being coordinated by my office, like it usually is, I prefer having my base model in sketchup and do everything there and then share it in the simplest fashion I can.

For smaller projects, the main thing for me is that the client can feel exactly the same thing at their place, that they experienced in my office.

I bet Trimble connect doesn’t:

  • Have the same good looking shadows sketchup has;
  • Keeps the same scenes;
  • The same styles;
  • Acts on sections animation as sketchup does;
  • Has a walk mode;
  • A dynamic component’s interact mode;

Most of these features are becoming available at my.sketchup and all would fit perfectly if the locking mechanism would exist. The sheer UI simplicity is great for my clients.

Ideally, Sketchup should integrate Trimble connect’s models, not the other way around. I see TC as a simplification of 3D communication that people hardly relate to, and sketchup as one of the most easy to communicate with 3D apps.

Would it be very difficult to have Sketchup or check for clashes, have model revisions history, input 3D/2D files, output 2D and 3D, BIM files, and manage every Trimble Connect’s aspect of 3D modelling, and integrate itself with Trimble Connect as it’s main 3D platform?

That would make both my.SU and TC much more interesting for me…

Of course, probably you’ve thought about this already and if you didn’t do it is because it doesn’t make sense, but for me looking at this as an Architect, it feels only natural.