Say “Hi” to my.SketchUp

At 3D Basecamp 2016 we launched my.SketchUp – a cloud version of SketchUp that runs in any modern Internet browser. Supported by Trimble Connect for storage, sharing, and collaboration, my.SketchUp is the simplest and most ‘connected’ SketchUp we’ve ever built. This is 3D drawing in the cloud like you’ve never seen before!

Who is this for? If you’re familiar with the SketchUp desktop application, my.SketchUp is a great travelling companion. It gives you quick access to view and edit all your SketchUp models, whether you’re at your client’s office or any of the billion or so computers connected to the Internet. If, on the other hand, you like to tinker with SketchUp every now and then, my.SketchUp gives you the latest version, up-to-date, and ready whenever you need it.

Where can I learn more? We believe that most folks who are trying the public-beta version of my.SketchUp are already a bit familiar with SketchUp. So to learn about what’s new, what’s different, and what’s the same, check out

Wanna give it a try? Request an invite

Have feedback about my.SketchUp? We created a forum category just for my.SketchUp where you can post your questions, comments, complaints…the whole 9-yards!


Yes, finally here! Can’t wait to test it out.

Will this version always be “not for comercial use” or maybe you have plans for my.layout and a full Pro version?

Hi great news
but does it support plugins (in cloud)?
Thank you
and is it free
and hoppe will be free for poor country like those in Africa
Thank you

my.SketchUp Overview:


… Yet?
Here’s hoping that commercial use is in the near future!

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Great Tommy - a new frontier :slight_smile:

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Can mysketchup be used as a client viewer? I’m creating drawings that I need to show to colleagues in Europe but I don’t want them to be able to edit (or mess up) anything, just orbit, pan and zoom so they can give me feedback.

Thanks for the question, @CJWhitsett. my.SketchUp stores your models in Trimble Connect, and Trimble Connect allows you to create Folders with read-only permissions as well as invite others to view the folders. You can even group users together and set folder-level permissions based on the groups. To illustrate, I made a couple video resources:

Part I: To create a folder with read-only permissions while using my.SketchUp, check out this video.

Part II: To invite a user to the read-only folder, one option is to create a group for your clients, and always assign that Client group to read-only mode for specific folders. I made a second video demonstrating this process.

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Hi. I am using Ubuntu Linux, and would love for my.SketchUp to work under it in Firefox (Already have it running under Wine).

I also teach a ‘community education’ class at my local community college on SketchUp (8 x 1 hour sessions for the basics). Because of the way the classroom is managed, I literally need to install SketchUp Make before each class session! Being able to set them up with my.SketchUp would be great for the first few sessions of the course, before I go into some of the other topics like plugins, etc.

Also, my.SketchUp would be great as a client viewer for presentations. (The SketchUp Viewer really needs to be a portable app for Windows, able to run off a USB Flash drive)

Well, I’ll be trying it out!

@Tommy I do not see any notices of updates / releases. Have there been any since the initial beta release ?

I would like to ask for a dedicated release announcement thread (in the my.sketchup category,) that can be “watched”.

Heya @DanRathbun,

Great question. There have been some minor updates post launch; however, it’s been awhile since a new update has come out because we’re working on a multi-week infrastructure project for my.SketchUp. Once that’s completed and pushed live, the plan is to launch updates to my.SketchUp on a two-week cycle.

We’ll also be developing a communication plan so that folks know what’s changed and when.


2nd this!

I’m down with that. Is that something we can collaborate on, @Barry?


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